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28 Feb

Cake is delicious and most of us enjoy it from time to time. If we want to bake it ourselves, we must pull together all the ingredients and combine them to get the best results. If we don’t have an ingredient we may be able to substitute something instead but we can’t usually leave something important out and expect things to go well. In our lives, we have lots of opportunities to try new things and with each endeavor we need the skills and tools – the ingredients – to be successful. Sometimes we may have some of the things necessary and must work to gain the remaining items before we begin. Other times we may have everything we need to accomplish a goal but instead of moving forward we wait. Perhaps we aren’t confident we can succeed, or there are others telling us we will fail. We may wait until we feel sure or we may forge ahead and go after success now. There may be obstacles but we have everything we need to manage any difficulty before us. It takes heat to make a cake and it takes work to achieve our goals. When we want to accomplish something, we can pull our talents together and face anything that comes as we press forward. We have everything we need to succeed and when we’re ready there is nothing that will stop us.

No matter what we’re working toward there will likely be complications along the way. There are few times in our lives when everything goes exactly as planned. We’re flexible enough to adjust our trajectory going forward if something is in our way and wise enough to figure out any problem we may have to solve. If we are determined to achieve something, and if we’re willing to do what it takes to move forward, we will succeed. Success doesn’t just happen because we want it. We must see the objective clearly, determine what we must do to achieve it, and then work toward the goal. Each step forward brings us closer to where we want to be. If we stumble we can correct our course. If take a wrong turn we can revise our plans. Working diligently and consistently will get us to the destination we’re seeking.

There are lots of choices in the world. Before we do anything we first must decide what it is we want to accomplish. We must determine what we want to do and where we want to go. Even if we know we want cake, there are dozens of flavors we can choose. Do we want chocolate, vanilla, cherry, black forest, German chocolate, Boston cream or something else? The same is true in our lives. Our choices are limitless and we can’t move forward if we don’t know where we want to go. We can determine what we want most to accomplish, and then we can make a plan to achieve the goal. There isn’t anything we can’t do. Our lives are ours to design. Once we decide what we really want there is nothing that will stop us from success.

Today decide what you want most and where you want to go. The world is here for you and you can do anything you choose. Be confident. There isn’t anything you can’t accomplish. Determine what you want most and then plan to achieve it. Success is waiting for you. Take the first step toward it today.

Changing Directions

6 Jan

Being in control of our lives is something most of us strive for. We want to make our own decisions, and live the way that makes us feel happiest and most authentic to who we really are. We have a lot of connections with those around us and sometimes we find that although our relationships start out with a dynamic of give and take, sometimes they change and we feel we are giving more than we are comfortable with. If that happens, we may feel we’ve lost some control over our lives and it can be uncomfortable. If the relationship is important to us we may be concerned about trying to change it or even discussing the issue openly. But just because we may need to modify something in the situation, doesn’t necessarily mean we must abandon it. Being in control of our lives doesn’t always mean we have to stop what we’re doing. Sometimes it just means we have change direction.

Interpersonal relationships are made up of people, and people are complicated. We have all kinds of ideas, emotions, plans and dreams constantly rolling around in our heads. Those complications can make even small adjustments seem bigger than they really are. If we’ve decided our life needs to go a specific way and are adamant about those parameters, relationships may become difficult for us. There is not one true way to live a life happily or successfully. There are limitless varieties, each worth as much as the one next to it. If we decide there is only one way to do things, it may be difficult for us to give in our relationships. Success with others is often directly related to our ability to compromise. After all, the other person’s ideas, emotions, plans and dreams are every bit as valuable and worthwhile as our own, even if they are very different. It’s important to remember that. We all want to feel cared for, respected, and have our ideals honored. Nobody wants to be in a situation where they must do everything somebody else’s way.  There must be both give and take if we want to succeed.

It’s fair to ask for what we want and what we need in our lives. It’s appropriate to make adjustments when we feel those parameters aren’t being met. We can modify our relationships and still succeed at them. We are entitled to live our lives in ways that make us comfortable and if we’re giving too much away, if we aren’t being valued, if we’re being ignored, or if we feel uncomfortable, we can make whatever changes are necessary to create a better situation. Sometimes if the other person is unwilling to change and we are struggling, or if they refuse to compromise, the relationship may fail. But it doesn’t fail because we want the change. It fails because it’s not workable the way it is. We deserve to be happy. If we have lost some control, we can change directions. If those we care about really care about us, they will want us to be comfortable and happy. But we must tell them what we need. When we do, we may be amazed at how quickly things improve, how much better we feel, and how much closer we are because we worked together to go forward.

Today if you feel you’ve lost some control over your life and need to change direction to regain it, you can do that. Tell those involved how you feel. Speak up and explain clearly what you need to be happy. If they truly care about you, they will work with you and help you change things so you are facing the direction that takes you where you want to go. This life is all about adjustments. You can make them and you can be happy.