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Not Biting

21 Sep

There are all kinds of people in the world and we’ll have all kinds of interactions with them. Most of the time things will go just fine, we’ll communicate and get along without issue and move on. But everyone is different and some people have very defined ideas about how things should go that may be completely different from our own viewpoint. They may demand that we respond or do something they want, and may apply serious pressure to get us to go along. They may even give us a mandatory time frame to respond or act by. People can make any demands they like, but we are in control of our own lives. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks we should do, we can make our own decisions. Just because the issue is imperative to them does not make it imperative to us. We never have to do anything we don’t want to do. The influence of others is only as powerful as we allow it to be and we have the right to live our lives according to our own desires and standards. While some people may think they’re in control of those around them, and do everything they can to press their views, we never have to take the bait. By not biting, and simply continuing forward according to our own desires and priorities, we can move through any difficult situation. We can be respectful and decline any suggestions offered. Our lives are ours to design, and when we are true to who we are and what we want, will find great satisfaction. We know who we are and where we want to go. We can set our own course and continue forward toward success.

Some people want everyone on the same page, agreeing and following along. They like conformity and are uncomfortable when others have different ideas they do not share. While it’s true that it’s often easier to move forward when others are involved if everyone stays within the lines set forth, we all have unique perspectives that are valuable and worthwhile. Sameness can only bring sameness. Different viewpoints and opinions bring depth and richness to every situation. Listening to everyone’s point of view will open new doors and enlighten the way forward.

If we want to make cookies, we must pull together many different kinds of ingredients. It’s impossible to make something delicious with just one item. A bowl full of flour is just a bowl full of flour. But if we add sugar, salt, eggs, chocolate chips and other ingredients, we end up with something wonderful. Our lives are the same way. By allowing all kinds of opinions and ideas and being open to new ways of doing things, we embellish the road ahead and enrich our experiences.

Today if someone is demanding that you do something their way and you have other ideas, be patient and polite, and then chart your own way forward. You are amazing and intelligent, and know what you want. Stand strong and step forward with clarity and purpose. Every destination is there for you and nothing can keep you from success.

Sidewalk Cracks

17 Apr

As we’re walking briskly along, we might see a tiny flower poking through a sidewalk crack. It’s amazing to imagine how anything could ever take root in the middle of a concrete path but there it is – a tiny, perfect flower – raising its head to the sunshine determined to survive. Sometimes our lives feel like that. We’re surrounded by others busily going about their duties and fulfilling their various roles and responsibilities, and we may feel we’re pushing up through an endless concrete road trying to survive. We may seem insignificant and overlooked compared to the seemingly obvious accomplishments of others, and it can be hard to feel important and valued. If others are louder than we are or garner more attention than we do we may fade into the background, unsure of ourselves. But we are here and we are important. We have so much to offer, and everything we do changes the world around us in some way. There is no way to know how much impact our decisions have over others and as we go through our days, choosing well, we bring light and goodness. We are worth more than we can imagine and our influence brightens every situation. Like that tiny flower pushing up through the sidewalk, our very presence can bring joy and delight. Nobody else can give the gifts we have to offer. The world is a huge place with billions of people, but there isn’t anyone else like us anywhere. Our influence is critical and we fill an important role. We can be confident that we’re essential and valuable, and nobody can ever take our place.

When we’re baking cookies, there are a lot of different ingredients we need to add to get the results we desire. If we leave even one item out of the mix, the cookies won’t come out the way we want them to. The recipe may call for a tiny amount of salt and we may think it’s so small we can just ignore it. But then when we taste the cookies, we discover that even though the amount of salt was small, omitting it has changed the entire flavor and the cookie isn’t as good. We don’t have to be the main focus to be important. Even if our voice is small, it’s valuable. Our influence makes everything better, and brings variety and richness to the world around us.

There are so many big, amazing things happening around the world all the time. There are great discoveries being made, great accomplishments being completed, and it’s easy to feel we don’t mean much to the overall scheme of things. But if we weren’t here, all the relationships we have with others and all the good influence we bring would disappear. The world would be left with a void where we offered our help and encouragement. Our influence is imperative to the success of everything around us. We are valuable and worthwhile, and bring positive energy and light to the whole world.

Today if you feel insignificant and irrelevant, remember there isn’t anyone else like you anywhere. You have gifts and blessings to offer nobody else can give. You are priceless, and bring a light to everything around you. Be confident. We need your presence, and the whole world is blessed because you are here.

Dropped the Ball

17 Mar

We all generally try to do our best every day. We try to make good decisions, try to be nice to those around us, and basically strive to be good people. But sometimes things get away from us and we fumble the ball. Maybe we get carried away in conversation and forget a commitment, say something we don’t really mean, or take revenge on someone we feel has hurt us in some way. When we act in ways that are beneath what we really want for ourselves we may feel really bad later, and if we let those we care about down, the disappointment in their eyes can be crushing. But we’re only human and we’re going to falter from time to time. Perfection is after all the goal and not the achievement. And so when we stumble and do the wrong thing, we have to find a way to make things right again. We have to listen when those we’ve negatively impacted tell us how they feel, and we have to take our lumps because we’ve earned them. It’s normal to make mistakes from time to time. It doesn’t mean we’re bad people, it doesn’t mean we don’t care, and it doesn’t mean we aren’t worthwhile. It just means we dropped the ball. And if we did, we can pick it right back up again.

Personal shame is a horrible feeling. Shame may be one of the most destructive emotions we can feel. It can not only make us feel bad about something we’ve done, if we aren’t careful, it can make us feel bad about who we are. If we feel great shame, depression may soon follow. We may believe that we’ll never get things right, that we’ll always screw up, and that we aren’t worth anything to anyone. But none of that is true. Just because we make a mistake doesn’t mean we never do things right. We often get it right and we are worth more than we can even imagine, even when we falter. If we play a game and drop the ball we may get a penalty, but we aren’t banned from the game forever more. It’s the same in life. If we go the wrong way, we aren’t finished. We just need to turn around and correct our course.

The penalties we face when we make mistakes should be commensurate with the negative impact they cause. Just like in law, the penalty should fit the crime. The same is true with our personal lives. If we forget to bake a promised batch of cookies, it shouldn’t destroy a relationship. But if we lie, cheat, and manipulate others, that might be the cost. It’s like a pendulum – it should swing equally in both directions. That’s important to remember when someone we care about lets us down. If we can keep our perspective when we tell them how we feel and don’t return more chastening than is needed, we have a better chance of preserving our relationships. We all make mistakes and sometimes we hurt others because of them. But nobody really wants to do things wrong and when we do, we deserve the opportunity to make things right again. Our relationships are important. Truly valuing them will help us heal and forgive as we move along.

Today if you’ve dropped the ball and someone has been hurt, you can pick it back up again. Offer to make things right and do everything you can to correct your course. If someone has made a mistake that has hurt you, remember when you’ve faltered and offer the chance for them to fix things. You can be kind and understanding. Extend your hand to turn things around and forgive. You’ll be able to make things better and you’ll be happier because of it.