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Sidewalk Cracks

17 Apr

As we’re walking briskly along, we might see a tiny flower poking through a sidewalk crack. It’s amazing to imagine how anything could ever take root in the middle of a concrete path but there it is – a tiny, perfect flower – raising its head to the sunshine determined to survive. Sometimes our lives feel like that. We’re surrounded by others busily going about their duties and fulfilling their various roles and responsibilities, and we may feel we’re pushing up through an endless concrete road trying to survive. We may seem insignificant and overlooked compared to the seemingly obvious accomplishments of others, and it can be hard to feel important and valued. If others are louder than we are or garner more attention than we do we may fade into the background, unsure of ourselves. But we are here and we are important. We have so much to offer, and everything we do changes the world around us in some way. There is no way to know how much impact our decisions have over others and as we go through our days, choosing well, we bring light and goodness. We are worth more than we can imagine and our influence brightens every situation. Like that tiny flower pushing up through the sidewalk, our very presence can bring joy and delight. Nobody else can give the gifts we have to offer. The world is a huge place with billions of people, but there isn’t anyone else like us anywhere. Our influence is critical and we fill an important role. We can be confident that we’re essential and valuable, and nobody can ever take our place.

When we’re baking cookies, there are a lot of different ingredients we need to add to get the results we desire. If we leave even one item out of the mix, the cookies won’t come out the way we want them to. The recipe may call for a tiny amount of salt and we may think it’s so small we can just ignore it. But then when we taste the cookies, we discover that even though the amount of salt was small, omitting it has changed the entire flavor and the cookie isn’t as good. We don’t have to be the main focus to be important. Even if our voice is small, it’s valuable. Our influence makes everything better, and brings variety and richness to the world around us.

There are so many big, amazing things happening around the world all the time. There are great discoveries being made, great accomplishments being completed, and it’s easy to feel we don’t mean much to the overall scheme of things. But if we weren’t here, all the relationships we have with others and all the good influence we bring would disappear. The world would be left with a void where we offered our help and encouragement. Our influence is imperative to the success of everything around us. We are valuable and worthwhile, and bring positive energy and light to the whole world.

Today if you feel insignificant and irrelevant, remember there isn’t anyone else like you anywhere. You have gifts and blessings to offer nobody else can give. You are priceless, and bring a light to everything around you. Be confident. We need your presence, and the whole world is blessed because you are here.

Being Thankful

26 Nov

It’s Thanksgiving time and every year when it rolls around we remember the many things we’re thankful for. There are the big things – our families and loved ones, our health, our homes, our jobs, and the many other things that make our lives easier and more rewarding. But there are other things we sometimes forget to be thankful for. The small things we take for granted or fail to notice. We all have so much, and here is a list I’ve been thinking about of some of the small things that bring me happiness. There are millions of other things I could add but this is a start. Maybe you’ll see something here that you forgot, or maybe this will remind you of something else. Here goes:

I’m thankful for the times when my boss remembered me, and for the times when he forgot me!

I’m thankful for hot showers when I’m sore and cold water when I’m thirsty.

I’m thankful for the kind man at the grocery store who stopped working to help me find something.

I’m thankful for bees and the incredible honey they make that nobody can duplicate.

I’m thankful for my car.

I’m thankful for the big bag of marshmallows in my cabinet so I can have them when I make hot chocolate in the morning.

I’m thankful I can walk, and bike, and swim, and see, and hear, and touch, and feel, and smell, and taste.

I’m thankful the heater in my house works so I can be warm when it’s cold outside.

I’m thankful for my bed.

I’m thankful for Saturdays. I love Saturdays.

I’m thankful for laughter, and music, and fun.

I’m thankful for salt and how delicious it makes french fries taste.

I’m thankful for my sweats after a long day in a suit.

And I’m thankful for all the people, in all the world, who try hard to be the best they can be every day. I’ve learned so much from so many, and my life has been embellished because I share the planet with them. I’m thankful for so much. I hope you are too. Happy Thanksgiving.