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Golden Goose

13 Aug

Throughout the world, there are all kinds of expressions of wealth. For some, wealth is represented by the time they spend in the natural world, communing with nature. For others it may be the time they spend with family and friends, exploring life and getting close to one another. Many of us appreciate those things but also understand that having some financial wealth is necessary for us to live effectively and comfortably. We all need shelter, clothing and food, and it takes money to get them. Despite what you may hear, nothing, absolutely nothing, outside of fresh air, is free. Someone will always have to pay for whatever is wanted or needed. How much money we have depends on a lot of factors, and doesn’t usually just come to us just because we need it or want it. We’ll have to do what is necessary – whatever that may be – to get it. No matter how much we acquire, we may feel we want more. Money can’t buy happiness, but it’s an excellent lubricant to make the things we want to do easier to achieve. If we become consumed with acquiring financial success, we may do anything to get it. Excessive wealth may look very appealing, and if we’re determined to have it, and don’t actually have a goose laying golden eggs, we might forsake anything and everything that stands in our way. We may neglect our personal relationships, impact our health by working excessive hours, and focus only on the next dollar we can earn. There is nothing wrong with amassing wealth, but if it’s our only focus in life, we may miss out on the connections and time with others that will bring us deep satisfaction and happiness. Our lives are ours to design, and by keeping our perspective, deciding what we want, and what’s most important to us, we can make good decisions that bring us both comfort and contentment. Money is great, but nothing is more valuable than our personal happiness.

The world values money and places great importance on it. We are often bombarded with messages that we should have more, and get more of it. Being rich might be nice, but it doesn’t equate to being intelligent, kind, insightful or anything else. It just means there is money available, which is just a tool that can open more doors and allow a little more freedom to accomplish certain things. It allows us to pay bills, buy products, and if we want to, donate to others. It cannot solve problems, heal a broken heart, mend a relationship, or bring us lasting happiness.

It’s easy to envy others who have more monetary benefit than we have. They can do things and go places we may not be able to afford. It all looks great from the outside, but true, lasting happiness can only come from within. By doing the things we want most to accomplish, building strong, healthy relationships, and striving to be the best we can be, we will achieve a level of happiness that money can never bring.

Today, think about what brings you the greatest satisfaction. Value your relationships and build great connections. Choose the road ahead that brings you the greatest joy. Focus on your personal happiness, instead of wealth, and you’ll be richer than you can imagine.


24 May

Life brings us a lot of different experiences. Some are happy, some sad, things go well and then not so well, disappointments and victories come, and with each experience we learn something more about ourselves, our lives, and those around us. As we change we carry information forward from what we’ve learned. Those lessons help us understand more about who we are and what we want, but they may also color the way we perceive things. For instance, if we have a very bad experience with a dog, we may fear or hate all dogs going forward. Or if something painful happens to us in a specific situation, we may avoid all similar situations in the future. It’s good to learn from our experiences but if they create filters that restrict our lives we may miss out on opportunities available to us. If we learn as we go without fear or avoidance, we will be more successful in living fully and embracing our lives completely. We can’t predict the future but the odds of repeating an exact experience going forward is unlikely. Allowing one bad or uncomfortable situation to color our lives indefinitely may keep us locked down and unable to see everything available to us. We can navigate difficult experiences, learn from them, and then move on. This life is all about change. We don’t have to hold onto anything that holds us back.

Sometimes we have pre-conceived ideas about things based on what we’ve seen in the past or what we’ve been taught. The problem with assuming is that we’re often wrong in the assumption. If we decide something is round because it was round before, and we’ve heard it’s round but never seen it, we may proceed accepting that as truth even if what we’re looking at is a square. Our minds can play tricks on us if we let them and we can be convinced of something that isn’t real because of where we’ve been or what we’ve seen in the past. If we can set our personal experiences aside and look at our situations objectively and openly, we may find that things are completely different than what we first imagined they would be. Learning to see things as they really are will open our lives up to new possibilities for growth and understanding, but we must be willing to see clearly and accept what is real.

It’s wise to protect ourselves from situations we believe will hurt us or make our lives difficult. And there is nothing wrong with pro-actively trying to be in the best place we can. But if we lock the doors around us because we are afraid from a previous experience, or we aren’t sure we can manage whatever is locked behind them, we may be protected from possible pain but we may also prevent possible happiness. If we filter our possibilities because we are unsure or afraid, we also filter any benefits that may come to us. It takes courage to step out of our comfort zones and take a chance, but we have sufficient courage to do anything we want. We are able to make excellent decisions and brave enough to move forward. Life teaches us a lot and we can do everything we need to be successful and happy. There isn’t anything we can’t manage and we can open all the doors in front of us.

Today if you’ve been holding back because of experiences in the past and you aren’t sure about going forward, remember you can do anything. Open all the doors. There is nothing you can’t handle. Be confident. You have everything you need to be successful and happy.


12 Feb

When we were children in school, and the day was marching along from one subject to another, the best part of the day for most of us was recess. It was a break from sitting still and listening, from answering questions, and trying to be quiet. We got to run outside in the fresh air, laugh and play with friends, make noise and move around as much as we wanted. When it was over and time to return to our classrooms, we felt refreshed and all the extra energy building up inside us was released. It was like a reset button to get us going again. As adults we may have forgotten about recess, but it’s still an effective way for us to refresh ourselves and get a little release from the stress and pressure of our everyday tasks. We can incorporate a little recess into our daily routines, go outside, take a walk, get something to drink or a snack, and enjoy a change of scenery. It need not take long to be effective. Just a few minutes away from our routine can refresh us and give us a boost. Even though we’re well past elementary school, recess can still have a place in our lives. If we take it every day, plan for it and enjoy it, it can be a valuable asset we give to ourselves. It can bring us new perspective and fresh ideas. Just like when we were kids, recess may reset our day and make us feel better.

Going outside for a short break of fresh air has all kinds of benefits. Some studies show that when we go outdoors, we have increased energy and a heightened sense of well-being. Stress can cause an elevation in blood pressure and heart rate, and increase muscle tension. Additionally it may suppress our immune systems and makes us more susceptible to illness and infection. Being outside, even for a short time, may reduce stress, making us feel better emotionally and physically. With all we have to do and the stress attached to it, taking a short recess may bring us all those benefits.

When we’re bogged down in the weeds of everything we’re trying to accomplish, sometimes we can only see what’s right in front of us. If we are intensely focused on our work we may not even look up for hours on end. Stopping for a few minutes and taking a break to go outside and take a short walk, and get a change in scenery can do wonders for our creative processes. We see things differently and even a few minutes away can make us think of things in a different way. New ideas may emerge and when we return, we may find we have answers to problems that before had confounded us. A short recess may recharge us and help us to move forward. It’s something that’s easy to forget but if we schedule it, and make time for it, it can have long range benefits. We don’t have to work constantly and if we take a short break from time to time, just to let our minds wander and look at something new, we might find our days moving forward more easily and with less effort. Recess was a great idea when we were children. It’s a great idea for us as adults too. We can take it, enjoy it, and make the most of it, and it will reduce stress, and increase our happiness.

Today if you’ve been working hard on something that has your complete attention, look up and take a break. Go outside and enjoy a short walk. Look around and let your mind wander. You’ll be amazed at how refreshed you’ll feel and when you return to your work, everything will be just a little easier. You do so much. You deserve to be comfortable and enjoy yourself. Take recess today.  You’ll love it!