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31 Jul

People come in and out of our lives constantly. Sometimes we make connections that last only a brief time, and sometimes we have lifelong relationships. No matter how many attributes we may share, we are all unique and define our lives by the choices we make. When we care about someone, their influence over us may be great. We want to make them happy so there may be times when we agree to do something we don’t really want to do. That may not be a problem for inconsequential decisions – where to have dinner, what movie to see, or what to do over the weekend. However, if they want us to do things that impact our lives negatively, or change our direction toward something we don’t want, and we go along, we may end up somewhere we never wanted to go. It’s not always easy to stand up for our own decisions when someone we love is pressuring us to go along with theirs. We can always agree to anything and do what everyone else thinks we should, leaving our personal choices behind. But it’s important to remember that when we choose the first step on a path, we are also choosing the last. If we go along with someone else’s decision in the beginning, we will end up at the destination they’ve chosen. Our lives are important and how we define them is up to us. We can have the lives we want the most, but we must make the decisions necessary to achieve them. Nobody will ever know more about what’s important to us than we do. We can choose our own roads to travel. If everyone agrees it may be easier, but even if they don’t, we can move forward with confidence toward any destination we desire. Our lives are ours to design and nothing is out of reach. Each step we take can move us closer to the lives we dream about.

Everyone has opinions about everything. Someone may think they have better ideas about how we should live than we do, and share them with us. They may say anything they like, but we never have to take any advice we don’t want. We can listen patiently and thank them for their input, and then choose our own way forward. There is no one perfect way to live life. We can do things our way, and go to the destinations we most desire. Expressing our own individuality and making our own choices will bring us great reward and satisfaction.

When we’re young we learn a lot about life from our families. The patterns we grow up with are comfortable and familiar. As we become adults, we may choose to adopt those same patterns in our lives, or we may decide to go another way. We don’t have to keep doing something just because we’ve done it that way in the past. There are unlimited versions and variety to every experience. If we want to change something, we can. Our lives can represent who we are individually, and sharing our unique gifts will bring richness and variation to the world around us.

Today if you’ve been going along with those you care about and letting go of what you want the most, remember your influence is valuable. Define your life by making choices that express your individuality. Show us who you are. You bring richness and goodness to the world. We’re all blessed because you are here.

Hard Times

15 Mar

“It’s supposed to be hard! If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. The hard… is what makes it great!”  Jimmy Dugan, A League of Their Own

We all want our lives to be easy and uncomplicated but hard times come to us all and when they do we may find ourselves in very difficult and complex situations.  If we want to move through them and put them behind us we must face them head on, deal with the circumstances before us, and do what it needed to find a resolution.  Only then can we step forward and leave the problem in the past.  If the issue we’re facing is far reaching and very difficult we may feel overwhelmed at the enormity of the problem.  We can handle anything that comes to us and we can solve any problem.  The harder the challenge is, the more we’ll learn.  As we flex our power and test our abilities we will become stronger and the strength we gain will make us great.  The old saying of “no pain no gain” is true when it comes to the trials of life.  We have everything we need to face any challenge before us.  And as we overcome each issue we gain tools and positive attributes to carry forward.  Every experience teaches us something of value.  Remembering all the good we’re gaining as we struggle will give us added confidence and courage.  There isn’t anything we can’t do.  We are stronger and more capable than we realize and we can face hard times and walk right through them.

Nobody is born perfectly brave and wise.  We must gain courage and wisdom as we live our lives.  Every decision we make brings us information and teaches us something new.  Every challenge we overcome gives us additional power and courage to go forward.  If everything came easily we would never have the opportunity to grow.  We cannot be successful adults if we have only the courage and strength of a child.  It’s important to grow and learn into adulthood and trouble is the best teacher.  Hard times mold us and give us experience that help us become successful and ultimately bring happiness.

Some people keep themselves apart from others and new experiences in an effort to shield themselves from problems.  We can try to keep a low profile and that may prevent some conflict from coming our way but problems will happen simply because we are here.  Instead of trying to hide from them it’s far wiser to face them and learn all we can from solving them.  The wisdom of age comes from the experiences of living a full life – trouble and all.  We have all the courage we need to face anything that comes to us and we’ll gain the strength we need going forward as we learn to solve hard times and difficult problems.  We are smart enough and wise enough to face anything and do it well.

Today if you’re facing a difficult issue and you aren’t sure you will manage, trust in your strength and ability.  There isn’t anything you can’t do and nothing you can’t face.  You are more capable then you know and you will prevail.  Be courageous.  You will win.