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Bottom of the List

10 Sep

We all want positive connections with those around us.  Good, strong relationships embellish our lives and when we feel supported and loved things go more easily, even during times of stress.  It’s nice to have someone in our corner who cares about us and helps us when we need it.  Helpful and happy relationships are a great asset every day of our lives.  But sometimes things don’t work out the way we want them to.  If we have a connection with someone who continual breaks their promises or ignores us when we need them, we can feel like we’re at the bottom of their list.  They may say we’re important but it’s hard to believe we matter if we’re treated like we’re insignificant and aren’t heard.  Some people take a very casual view of their relationships and don’t value them as strongly as we may desire.  We deserve to feel cared for and certainly are worth the very best friendships and connections possible.  There are always plenty of options available and if we aren’t getting what we need we can build new relationships that will be more supportive.  We are important and valuable, and having others around us who cherish our friendship and love is important.  We can take the steps we need to make connections that bring us the support we desire.  Every happiness is possible and we can have it in our lives.

We’re all connected to each other and what we do affects those around us.  If we fall down on promises we make or pretend to care when we don’t, our influence will have a negative impact on those around us.  We may have good intentions but good intentions mean nothing if there is no action to back them up.  Ignoring those we say we care about will eventually ruin the relationship.  Continually breaking our word will destroy any trust others may have in us.  We own every single decision we make and if we go about our lives without any thought for those around us, we may find ourselves standing alone.  We can be wise and considerate and remember our actions speak far louder than anything we say.  If we choose to, we can make excellent choices and build strong connections that bring us happiness and joy.

There may come a time when what we thought would be a good connection turns out to be something else entirely.   We can only know what others show us and some people may pretend to be something they aren’t or to have feelings they don’t possess to get something from us.  Truth will always rise and if we’ve been deceived we may struggle to understand what has happened.  We only answer for the choices we make.  If others deceive us they are responsible for the results of that decision.  We are worth the very best of everything including our relationships.  We can move forward from a disappointment with confidence, taking any lessons learned with us.  Happiness is always possible and we will find it.

Today if you’ve been pushed aside again and again, and feel like you don’t matter, remember you are precious and priceless.  The world is better because you are here.  Go forward with confidence.  You deserve the very best of everything and you can have it.  Nothing can stop you from achieving complete happiness.

Something Different

6 Sep

We make all kinds of personal connections as we go through our lives. Some of them are strong and we hold onto them for many years. We may become attached to someone we feel is very much like us who does things that make us happy and enhance our lives. As the connection grows, we believe in them and trust they are who they appear to be. Often that’s the case and we move forward knowing we can count on them and find comfort having them in our lives. But some people are dishonest and do things that make others believe they are someone they aren’t in order to create a close connection that gives them something they desire. When someone says all the right things that push all our happy buttons, it can be hard to imagine they are lying. If we trust them and give our hearts to them and then find out they aren’t who we thought they were but someone completely different, we may feel devastated. It’s hard to understand such manipulation and if it happens to us we may be crushed and lose confidence in ourselves. We can’t control the decisions of others and it’s good to trust and believe in them. If that turns against us, the one who deceived is responsible. Life can be complicated and we never know what will come next. No matter where we’ve been or what’s already happened, we can trust ourselves to make excellent decisions going forward. If we fell, we can get back up. We are strong and powerful and nothing can hold us down.

Strong, long lasting relationships take continual work and compromise. If both involved are willing to do what is needed to find resolution as problems arise, there’s a good chance for a positive outcome. But if we’re in a relationship where we’re doing all the work and the other person is ignoring their part while pretending to care, we may give too much of ourselves away and end up feeling empty and alone. We deserve the very best of every situation and never need to take on someone else’s responsibility. We can decide what’s best for us at every turn. We know what we want and with wisdom and courage we can do what we must to achieve it.

If we’ve been fooled by someone pretending to love us who isn’t the person they professed to be, we may struggle to forgive ourselves for falling for them. We may feel we should have known better but we can’t see things that are hidden. If we’d had all the facts from the beginning we would never have believed the lie. We are smart and intelligent and if someone fools us, we can take what we’ve learned forward and be confident in our ability to make the best decisions.

Today if you’ve fallen for a lie or are in a relationship that isn’t working, remember you are wise and valuable, and deserve every happiness. Let go of any guilt for mistakes in judgment and move forward with confidence. You are certainly capable of making excellent choices. Leave the past behind and step toward the future. There is great success and happiness ahead for you. Keep moving forward and you’ll reach it.


9 Dec

As we go through our lives, we meet lots of people.  Some become friends, some just acquaintances, and some we meet once and never see again.  We see people in passing, and interact with them in lots of different situations.  Most of us think we are good judges of character but sometimes it’s not easy to know what people really are.  There is the old saying of a “wolf in sheep’s clothing,” meaning sometimes someone looks one way, when in actuality they are completely different.  We meet people like that from time to time.  There is always a reason they are hiding behind what we see, and often those reasons are destructive.  It’s hard to see behind a disguise.  Sheep seem so friendly and docile that even if a little dark fur is sticking out under the white curls we might not notice it until the damage has been done.

It’s good to be trusting of others.  It opens doors for us and helps us feel comfortable in our interactions.  But when we have a trusting nature, we can also be manipulated by those whose intentions are not noble.  We might befriend someone we think we can trust, only to discover they aren’t trustworthy at all.  If that happens, we may blame ourselves for falling for a lie, but it’s not our fault when someone else makes bad decisions.  We aren’t fools because we trusted them.  Until we know that someone is wearing a disguise it’s appropriate to give them the benefit of the doubt.  When that is abused, and we discover we’ve been duped, we may be hurt, but we’ll learn more and can make wiser decisions going forward.

If we get tangled up with a wolf and get hurt, we may decide not to trust anyone anymore.  But that never works.  Most people are honest and deserve our trust and respect.  If we judge everyone based on the few who choose badly, we only end up hurting ourselves.  We can’t live in a vacuum, and we need others in our lives.  No matter what’s happened, we’ll find a way to recover, and use the information we’ve learned going forward.  We can be brave enough to allow others to get close to us despite the experience.  We are in control and we can make excellent decisions and judgments.  There are a lot of genuine sheep in our lives.  There are people who care about us and want what’s best for us.  We can’t disregard our good relationships with them because there are a few wolves waiting in the wings.

Today if you’ve discovered you’ve been manipulated or in some way treated dishonestly, and you’re hurt, learn from what you’ve experienced.  You know more now than you did, and you can go forward with confidence.  You can still trust those around you, and allow them to get close to you.  There are a lot of good sheep in your world.  Don’t let one wolf turn you against those who love and care for you.