A Thousand Miles

8 Sep

We all have ideas about how our lives should go and what we want to do.  If we were all alone in our pursuits and could keep anything from blocking our way forward, success would come easily.  But there are billions of people sharing the planet with us and some of them can get right up in our faces.  Despite our best efforts to dodge obstacles we may get waylaid and find that we are nowhere near our goal.  We may feel like we’re a thousand miles away from it.  Getting pushed off course by something that happens over which we have no control or going along with someone else’s plans may take us far from where we want to go.  People can be very persuasive and if they want us to participate in something important to them we may step away from our chosen path to follow them.  It’s important to find ways to get along with others and we all want to be helpful and kind, but we don’t have to forsake what is important to us.  We can set personal limits on our time so that we have the resources we need to pursue our own goals.  People will take all the time we’re willing to give and it’s up to us to determine where the lines are.  We can always redirect our course and redefine our priorities.  If we want to change our direction we may change it.  We are always in control of our lives and can move closer to our goals by taking steps in the direction that will lead to them.  Nothing is out of reach and we can always achieve success.

It’s easy to blame others or situations when we lose our way.  While there are times in our lives when we must do things that take us off our chosen path, we can continue forward by modifying our journey and continuing to focus on our goals.  No matter what we’re doing we can take another step forward.  There is great reward and happiness when we find ways to work successfully around any obstacle.  We deserve to have all our dreams come true, and by keeping our eyes focused on the way forward we can achieve anything.

There are endless distractions in life.  There are things that are fun and enjoyable, developments that complicate our lives over which we have no control, and even some mindless distractions that do nothing but waste time.  We can engage in any activity we choose at any time but if we want to achieve our personal goals we must value the time we give them.  The road forward is always there for us.  We can procrastinate our choices but we will never complete any journey we don’t start.  Every destination is available to us and we can do anything we desire.  Choosing to work toward what we want most will bring us happiness and satisfaction, and make our lives fulfilling and joyful.

Today if you know where you want to go but have been distracted by activities around you, think about your way forward.  Take the first step on the road that will lead you to success.  There isn’t anything you can’t accomplish and all your dreams can come true.  Focus on what’s most important to you today, work around any obstacle in your way, and begin the journey.  The destination is waiting for you and nothing will keep you from it.


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