Building Walls

11 Sep

As we go through our lives we will have a wide variety of experiences.  Along with the amazing days that fill us with joy, we’ll likely endure difficult challenges that bring great trial and sorrow.  When we are struggling through complications and trouble, instead of asking for help from those around us, we might pull back and tuck ourselves away, preferring to face our trials alone.  It’s fine to take time to ourselves to think about our options when things go wrong, but we are never really alone.  There are a lot of people around us and it’s possible someone will have answers and advice that may help us navigate through the mire.  If we build a wall around us every time we face a challenge we separate ourselves from help that may be available.  But if we’re willing to ask for help when we need it and are open enough to listen when we get good advice we may find our way forward more easily.  It never hurts to have another set of eyes on a problem.  Everyone sees things a little differently and someone else may see a solution we didn’t notice.  We have all the courage we need to be open when we’re struggling and if we trust those around us we may find great respite as we discuss the issue with them.  Others are a great blessing to us when we need another point of view.  We don’t need to build a wall to get through.  We can let the bricks lie and share our lives to find answers.

Some people are very private and don’t like to share personal information.  We can always set ourselves apart and do things on our own and we will find success in time.  But if we let our guard down enough to enlist the help of someone we trust we may find it more quickly.  Everyone has different experiences in life and it’s possible that although someone else may not have faced exactly what we’re going through, they may be able to share wisdom regarding a similar situation.  If we look at a globe of the world too closely and only see one country it’s hard to imagine there is anything else to see.  But if we allow someone to show us how to back up and see the entire world we can reset our perspective and see our situation differently.  The same is true of our problems.

It can be hard to trust others with something very personal.  We can explain our situation in ways that highlight the conflict while keeping our private information to ourselves.  We are always in control of our lives and we know what we need.  If we allow others in and are willing to share our struggles with those we trust, we may find our path a little easier and the support we feel will lighten our load and help us find resolution.  There isn’t anything we can’t do and if we get stuck we can get the help we need.

Today if you’re facing a difficult challenge and have been trying to solve it on your own, open the door just a little and let someone else in.  Share your struggle in ways that are comfortable and listen for good advice.  You are remarkable and capable, and there isn’t anything too difficult for you.  Get the support you need to find your way through.  Happiness is always there.  It’s waiting for you just on the other side.


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