Nobody Knows

14 Jan

They say everyone has secrets of some sort. Maybe there are personal things we keep to ourselves or maybe we lie about our age, or our background, or stretch the truth when talking about our experiences. Or we may be dishonest about big things like if we were married before or have broken the law. We can say anything we want and can be honest or lie. We can do things privately when nobody is looking, perhaps unethical or even illegal things, and hope no one finds out. We may think if nobody knows what we’re doing we’ll get away with it and be fine, but nobody is perfect, and we may leave a trail that leads back to us. If we’re found out we may deny the allegations, but once we’ve done something, no matter what it is, it’s permanent and cannot be undone. It will be there forever. Doing something badly or dishonestly can never bring us happiness. Our personal integrity is priceless. It’s worth more than anything we could ever acquire or own. If we compromise it, even if nobody knows, we lose. We are what we do and in the end if we choose well, even when it’s hard to make a good choice, we will gain. We can choose the higher course and opt for nobility even when other options arise. There is nothing more powerful than being honest and true, and it shows in everything we do.

Some people think if nobody knows what we’ve done, it’s like it didn’t happen. It’s almost as though they believe in a parallel universe where our secret actions can hide, never to be revealed. We could live two lives at the same time – the one we live out in the open and share with others, and the one we live in secret doing things we hope nobody will ever see. However, deception will complicate our lives and get in the way of our decisions, and can block our way forward. Only by being honest and straightforward, by living cleanly and openly, will we ever achieve our greatest hopes and dreams.

A spider’s web is an intricate and sticky creation. It’s designed to hold whatever crawls onto it or gets too close. Once captured, struggling only increases its hold on the victim and it’s impossible to escape. When we tangle our lives up with dishonest choices and lies, when we hide what we’re doing and keep secrets, we create a personal web that captures us and holds us tight. Everywhere we turn we must be careful not to reveal some private information or let others too close. If we continue the deceit, we may find ourselves stuck and unable to move forward. But we can free ourselves by choosing to be honest. Each time we make a good decision it will open a new door for us, and in time, we will be able to let go of all the trappings we created. There is nothing better than an honest, noble life. It will bring us happiness and peace, and we will move forward with confidence.

Today if you’ve been tangling your life up with the complications of dishonesty and secrecy, change your path going forward. Living openly and nobly will open all the doors for you. Choose wisely and move ahead with confidence. You deserve the best of everything and choosing well will bring it to you.

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