21 Nov

There are times in our lives when we may find the road we’re on isn’t taking us where we thought it would. The signs are there, we can see we aren’t moving forward, and we may end up further from the goal than when we started. It seems the logical thing to do at a time like that is to adjust our trajectory to one that takes us closer to where we want to go. However, if we are convinced the path we’ve chosen is right, and believe that if we just keep going we’ll eventually succeed, we may stay the course. We’ve probably all heard the definition of insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. It’s the same thing if we know something isn’t working but keep pushing forward thinking it will change. We may not be crazy, but the idea that continuing on the same incorrect course will magically change it into one that works isn’t logical. And it certainly won’t help us get to our destination.

When we are confident in our decisions, whatever they are, and proceed forward, we expect things to work out as planned. We foresee that we’ll get from point A to point B by using the plan we’ve created and the path we’ve chosen. If we hit a few snags at the beginning we may overlook them and continue on. If we continue to falter we may think it’s just a matter of time or working a bit harder to be successful. But eventually if we see we aren’t going anywhere, and despite working harder at the problem nothing is changing, we need to stop and reconsider. It never works to keep moving forward or pushing harder if we’re going the wrong way. We may struggle with admitting our plan isn’t working but ignoring the facts will only prevent us from gaining success. If we want to achieve the goal, and what we’re doing isn’t working, it’s time to reorganize, rethink, and make a new plan.

It’s good to be confident, and we are capable of making excellent decisions. But nobody is perfect and sometimes things don’t work out with the methods we’ve chosen. There is nothing wrong with revising our plans. If we need to, it’s wise to adjust our course and retool going forward. But if we’re so sure we’re right and choose our opinion over doing what is needed to succeed, all we’ll have in the end is our opinion. We can win if we humble ourselves enough to accept the need to change and then do what is required to make success possible. After all, success is the goal – not the process to get there.

Today if you’ve been pushing and pushing and nothing is changing or you find you’re going in the wrong direction, stop and look at the situation again. Be open to adjusting your course and the answers will come. Start again, and make changes as they are needed. You will achieve your goal and you’ll be successful. You have everything you need to win. Be flexible and you’ll get there.

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