7 Oct

When birds fly, they stretch their wings all the way out to use the entire span for lift. They reach and pull to make the most of each stroke so their flight is even, and seemingly effortless. However, nothing that defies gravity is effortless, and in spite of the work it takes, they fly when they want to, and get where they need to be. We don’t have wings, but we have things we need to do and they take effort as well. If we enjoy the task it can seem easy and fun, but no matter what we’re doing we need to make sure it gets done. There is an old saying that anything worth doing is worth doing well. And that’s true. If we’re going to expend any effort, or do anything, we should do it the best way we can.

Some people choose to live a lukewarm existence. They don’t volunteer to do any heavy lifting, they don’t push themselves to be better, and they don’t care if they learn and grow. They are happy keeping things predictable and easy, and they don’t want to stretch. They can’t risk getting sore by doing too much or trying too hard so they keep a low profile and just get by. If we choose to live like that we might have an easier ride overall, and we may not feel great disappointment.  But we also won’t feel great accomplishment or the excitement of changing and growing. We can coast through our days if we like, and give the least amount of effort to the things we do. We can get by doing the minimum amount required, or we can apply ourselves, challenge ourselves and see how far we can go. If we do as little as possible, we probably won’t learn anything new. We’ll get through the task, check if off our lists, and forget about it.

Stretching our wings takes thought and preparation. If we really apply ourselves, if we look to see what new things we can learn, and what real gifts we can offer, our tasks will be more rewarding and we’ll grow as we complete them. Others will notice how much interest we have in the things we do, and if we’re really committed to excellence, will entrust us with their best projects, and their best ideas. We’ll never realize how far we can go if we don’t leave our comfort zone. We’ll never know how much we can learn if we don’t try new things. This life is a time to experiment, to test, to try, and to push ourselves and go as far as we can. If we stretch our wings all the way out, and use all the strength and determination we can, we’ll become stronger, more confident people who understand they can do anything. Nothing will stop us and the world will belong to us.

Today if you’ve been keeping a low profile, if you’ve been doing just enough to get by, try to reach a little further. You have abilities you haven’t yet realized. You can do anything and when you reach for it, you can conquer any circumstance. You are capable of accomplishing whatever you set your mind to. Be confident. Open all the doors and go boldly through each one. You’ve got everything you need to accomplish anything you choose. Spread your wings all the way out and soar. Today, show the world what you’re made of and what you can do.

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