8 Oct

When we have something we strongly believe in, something that defines us and makes us who we are, it’s important to hold fast to it. There may be some who will criticize us, or even demean our beliefs, but that has no power over our decision to continue.  There are all kinds of beliefs, tenets, and guidelines we may choose to help govern our lives.  Sometimes we have the inclusion of those around us, and sometimes we stand alone.  We all have personal choices and when they don’t follow everyone else’s idea of the norm, we may stand out.  But whatever choices we make are up to us, and unless we’re hurting someone else, we are entitled to them.  Differences sometimes make others uncomfortable.  We can exercise patience and understanding, and a willingness to accept people as they are.  If we do that, we will be comfortable and supportive in any situation.

Our beliefs vary from one another.  Perhaps we love the color purple. We think purple is the best, happiest color there is and we wear it every day. We talk to people about it and try to convince them of its very positive influence, and explain their lives would be better if they included purple in them. We take every opportunity to sing about it, talk about it, and praise it with everyone we meet. Some people might think we have clouded judgment, and some may openly deride us for our allegiance to it.  Others may say we’re foolish and naïve to believe in such a thing, and instead we should go along with what everyone else is doing.  But we can stay true to our choice if it’s what makes us happy. We can be strong going forward with our faith.  Others may not understand our choices, but we don’t need their approval.

Approval is something we all seek to some degree.  Most of us want to be accepted, included, and part of the group.  If we’re different that may take a little more time than if we look and act like everyone else.  But being different makes us more interesting.  We don’t have to conform to be accepted.  We don’t have wear beige just because everyone else is wearing beige.  We can be purple.  We can be happy and inclusive to those around us, and accepting of others, and we can still be true to our beliefs and fit in.  It’s important to be genuinely true to ourselves.  We are in control of our lives and get to decide how we want to live them.

Today if you feel left out because you’re not like everyone else, remember how your differences make you unique.  Extend your hand in friendship and be accepting to those around you.  Show your care and compassion, and be kind in all your dealings.  Others will respond positively and before you know it, everyone will be on your side.  You are great just as you are.  Be true to yourself, and be happy sharing your life just the way you like it.

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