Same Time Same Place

6 Oct

There is a law of physics that states no two objects can occupy the same space at the same time. One will necessarily take the place of the other and push it away. Although we might recognize this as truth, there are times when we really want to do something, but at the same time are afraid to accomplish it. There is sometimes an internal struggle between truly wanting something and being afraid we can’t have it. We feel torn and conflicted, but the fact of the matter is, even though we believe we are thinking about both possibilities concurrently, one is overcoming the other. It is impossible to have faith and doubt at the same time. One will take the place of the other and determine our actions. If we struggle thinking about what we want, and do nothing, the fear is in control. But if we’re doing everything possible to make the change happen despite the fear, we are in control. If we want to find success in anything, the first step, the most important step, is to be in control.

We can make lots of changes in our lives. The small changes are easier to accomplish than the large ones, and it’s the big changes that impact us the most. It takes more effort to change something with a big impact on our lives, but the rewards of succeeding in making the change are great. If we want to change career fields to something completely different, it takes courage and faith to do what is needed to make the transition and be successful. If we want to make serious changes in our personal life, it takes determination and focus to make them happen. If we want to change our physical appearance it takes dedication and a strong will to endure what is needed. The biggest positive changes we make in our lives bring the biggest rewards. When we accomplish them we feel powerful and invincible. We did something really difficult and we succeeded. Our confidence will soar and we’ll be happy we persevered.

When we’re facing a decision to do something difficult, we may spend some time going back and forth weighing the costs and the options. We look at all the benefits to be gained by making the change, and what will happen if we did nothing. Once we decide we want to move forward and begin doing what is needed to begin the process of changing, we may have moments of doubt. We may be afraid we won’t succeed. Others may encourage us or they may say we’re crazy for trying. But it doesn’t matter what anyone says. What matters is what we want most. If this is what we want, we can push the doubts out of our minds and be confident. We can believe we can succeed and we can continue to push forward a little every day. If we have faith in ourselves, and if we keep going, we will be successful in whatever change we are seeking. We will overcome every obstacle, and we will win.

Today if you’re facing doubt over a decision you really want to achieve, push the doubt from your mind. Have faith. You have everything you need to succeed. You’ve already decided what you want. All you have to do is keep walking forward. You can overcome anything in the way, and you can climb any hill that lies ahead. You are strong and you will win. Keep your eyes on the goal. It’s closer than you think.

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