The Shore

6 Aug

If you’ve ever been out at sea, away from the shoreline on all sides, it’s nearly impossible to imagine where land is. Everywhere you look, all you can see is ocean. The enormity of the watery expanse is impressive, and although you can’t see it, you know there is land out there somewhere. If you are the one piloting the ship, you will undoubtedly rely on instruments to keep you on course, and get you to the destination. If you’re a passenger, you must rely on the captain to know what he’s doing. You must have faith that you will reach the shore.

Our lives can sometimes feel like we’re at sea and unable to find land. We can drift around searching, and feel lost. We may get confused trying to figure out which way is north, and which way will lead us home. Since there are no landmarks to guide us at sea, we may wait for night to fall, and try to navigate by the stars. The same is true in our lives. If we’re lost, we sometimes have to wait until things are at their darkest before we figure out which way to go. Like the stars in the sky, we have everything we need inside us to find our direction. And when we’re ready, the answer will be there to guide the way.

We can feel lost for a million different reasons. Perhaps there have been unexpected changes that have upset us, maybe we’re facing a serious personal issue that we haven’t quite figured out, or we’ve just decided we’re going the wrong way and have to change direction. Whatever is making us feel lost can be unsettling, and at times even frightening. It’s hard when we feel untethered, floating around with no anchor, drifting here and there without direction. But if we hold on, and keep paddling, if we remain calm despite the confusion and give ourselves time to think, we will find our way. And then inch by inch we can turn and correct our course. We will feel the tide beneath us taking us where we want to go, and we’ll catch the wind that will carry us there.

Today if you’re feeling lost, if you’re unsure about which way is right, give yourself time. Don’t panic or push. Let your mind rest, and the answers will come. You know what’s best for you. You know where you want to go. You will find your way. Nobody knows you better than you. You are the captain of the ship. Be still and you will feel the tide ready to guide you through. Let it lift you, and soon you’ll be exactly where you want to be.

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