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Learning to Surf

15 Aug

It’s great to spend time at the beach and enjoy the waves of the ocean. The rhythmic steadiness of the tide can be very relaxing and we may feel great peace as we walk along the sand. If we go into the water we can surf and ride the waves all the way back to shore but first we have to learn how to get onto the surfboard. It takes practice but if we’re determined we can enjoy the rides and return again and again to improve our skills. Our lives are like the ocean. Nothing can stop the constant waves and nothing will stop the continual changes and challenges we face. Sometimes our lives are calm and placid, and other times the waves crash into the shore and we may be buffeted against the sand. Just like on the water, we can learn to surf through the trials we face and ride them out until we reach the shore again. Facing difficult situations well takes practice. We have to learn how to give and take, and ease ourselves into new ideas and compromises. Learning to surf through our lives will give us the confidence we need when things go wrong and help us find our way back onto our boards even when the waters are threatening. We have everything we need to find success and there isn’t anything we can’t manage. We can take things one step at a time, one wave at a time, and we can learn all we need to continue forward with confidence.

Life never stays the same and all we can count on is that what we’re going through today will change. If we feel more comfortable when things remain the same the continual modifications may be difficult for us. We may try to keep our lives stable and predictable and might succeed for a time but eventually something will come that upsets our plans and we may have to look at things differently. There is no way to stop change from coming into our lives. The best we can do is be willing to bend and adjust to modifications as they present themselves. We can adapt to any new situation and find a way to make it work.

There are endless opportunities for learning and growth as we go through our lives and many of them come when we handle complications and problems. We learn the most about who we are when we face difficult hardships. We are stronger and more capable than we realize and we can figure out even the most complex issues. We can move forward with confidence and strength trusting in our excellent ability to discern what is most important and where we want to go. Success is always available to us and there is nothing strong enough to keep us from it. We can learn to surf even in turbulent, deep waves and we can sail right over them back to shore.

Today if there are problems that seem too intense for you to manage or the water seems too deep and rough, remember you have everything you need to get through. There isn’t anything you can’t figure out and overcome. You are intelligent and wise, and stronger than you realize. Jump up on the board. The waves are ready to carry you forward right back to shore. Success is always there for you and nothing will keep you from it.

Tuck and Roll

24 Apr

When something terrible happens in our lives, something really bad that takes our breath away, something that shocks us, and frightens us, our initial response to coping with it might be to push it out of our minds, and refuse to think about it. That way we believe we can handle the pain. Initially it may seem like a good idea. It really hurts to think about it, and it would follow that not thinking about it would be better. So we close it off, set it aside, tuck it away behind a door in our minds. We determine that we will think about it later. Later, when we’re stronger. Later, when we’re ready. It’ll still be there, and we’ll look at it then. And who knows, maybe by then it won’t hurt so much.

It’s the old “tuck and roll” technique. You tuck it away, and roll on to something else. Unfortunately, the moment we tuck the problem away, it becomes frozen in time. It does not change, it does not morph into something easier to look at, it does not go away. It stays exactly as it was the moment we decided to ignore it. And the catch is that those problems we’ve put aside tend to get impatient if we don’t go back to them. Before long they remind us they are there. They pop up into our thoughts, and they peak into our dreams. And when they do, they still hurt because we’ve done nothing to cope with them. All we’ve done is try to forget them. And that never works.

Unfinished business is unfinished. We are not done with it, and it will remain unfinished, and continue to prick us until we garner the courage to address it. It becomes a weight that holds us down, a broken shoe that slows us up, and a stop sign in our progress. If we want to go forward, we have to go back. We have to open the door all the way, we have to open our eyes and see the problem, and we have to face the situation completely. It may hurt. It may hurt a lot, but if we want to let it go, first we have to let it come. We have to let the pain roll over us. We have to face it head on, face all our fears, and all our doubts, and stand up to it. Only after that can we finally let it go.

The biggest, heaviest, most destructive wave in the ocean can only break on the shore one time. And then it’s gone. The issues we’ve been afraid to face are the same way. They may hurt us when we let them roll over us, but if we face them, they will only hurt us once, and then we can begin to heal. The wave will have passed. There is nothing that will come to us in this life that we cannot face. Stand up. Stand strong. Open the door. Let everything out. And then, after the wave, take a breath and start again. Let it go. You’ll feel lighter, calmer, happier, and stronger afterward. It’s just a door after all. Open it.