Do Something

9 Feb

Everyone has dreams and goals they want to achieve. We can spend hours thinking about “how it will be” when we get to wherever it is we’re dreaming about. Thinking about what we desire helps us define exactly what we want to do, but simply thinking about it will never change anything. While we continue on in our jobs, our families, and our lives as they are, we may be silently wishing things were different. If only we could do this, or go there, or accomplish that, we think everything would be better. Nobody can read the future, but one thing is certain, simply thinking about what we want isn’t going to make it happen. Our dreams aren’t going to suddenly appear before us, all shiny and new, ready to be ours, simply because we want them. Our lives are filled with routines and things we need to pay attention to, but there is always the possibility of change. There is time to turn around and move toward what we want the most, and when we’re ready to start, the road will be there for us. Doing nothing changes nothing, but if we do something, just the very first thing to start the process forward, we can begin the journey toward any goal. The first steps on a new road can be intimidating. It’s different than what we’re used to, and there is no way to know what will happen next. But being unsure cannot stop us from moving forward. We have all the courage and wisdom we need to open any door and manage any complication. The road ahead isn’t always clear, but if we’re determined, we will be able to find our way. Every dream we think about, every destination we desire is possible. We are the only ones powerful enough to keep us from success. Nothing can hold us in place and we can have the lives we desire most.

Fear is a powerful emotion. If we’re afraid of the unknown, and worried we can’t get through, we may never attempt what is needed to reach our goals. Nothing is guaranteed, and few roads are paved and clear without problems. If we don’t trust ourselves to be able to handle what might happen, we may stay in place indefinitely, simply dreaming about what could be. But we have already overcome many complex and difficult issues, and found our way forward. We can trust ourselves that no matter what develops or gets in the way, we will find the answers we need, and be able to continue ahead.

Life is filled with endless opportunities. We never have to stay where we are and continue doing the same things. If we’re ready for a change, and want something new, it will be there for us. There are unlimited things to do and places to go. We can go as far as we desire and accomplish anything. By trusting ourselves, and our ability to overcome whatever may block our path, we can step forward confident of success. The goal may take longer than we planned, and the road may be harder to travel than we imagined, but if we keep our eyes focused ahead, nothing can keep us from success.

Today, stop dreaming about what you want and take the first step forward toward the goal. You are more powerful and wiser than you think you are. There isn’t anything you can’t manage, and no problem you can’t solve. Be confident and trust yourself. There is greatness in you, and nothing can keep you from winning. Everything is there waiting. Step forward, and claim it.


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