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One More Rung

26 Nov

Life is a journey that takes us many places and teaches us many things. As we move forward, we decide what we want to do and where we want to go. Some things come easily, but many times we must reach a little further than we’re comfortable, and trust ourselves to make the right choices, even when we’re not sure. No matter how far we go, the road continues forward. There will always be another step to take, and another rung to reach for as we climb. It’s up to us to choose what kind of life we’ll have, what we’ll do, where we’ll go, and how far we’ll travel. The options and possibilities are endless, and if we’re determined, nothing can hold us in place. But first we must decide what we want. We must choose the road ahead ourselves. If we like where we are and don’t want to face challenges or struggles, we can try to keep things the same. Repeating what we’re doing over and over is easy, and requires little energy. However, it’s impossible to learn anything new doing the same things again and again. Life is filled with possibilities and there are endless opportunities for growth and development. If we stand still holding on to what we know, that’s all we’ll learn. We are capable of understanding many things, and every new experience enriches us and teaches us more about the world around us. Even if we’re comfortable where we are, we can reach for one more rung and rise a little higher. As we step up, the view will broaden and deepen our knowledge. Nothing is too difficult for us to manage, and with confidence and clarity, we can move forward toward any goal we desire. The whole world is there for us. We can do anything and reach any destination.

Climbing a mountain is hard work. The path is always angled upward, and when we tire, it takes concentration and determination to continue climbing. Every step takes us closer to the top as we push against gravity and struggle to find our footing. If we don’t stop, we will reach the summit and find great pleasure in the view before us. Accomplishing goals brings us tremendous satisfaction and builds our confidence. By keeping our focus and continuing forward, we can reach any objective and realize great success.

Life offers all kinds of options. If we want to, we can just coast along and see what happens. We might end up in places we like, or we might not. If we’re just going along for the ride and not driving the train, we won’t have a choice of destinations. But our lives are important and every day is valuable. We can think about what we want and then do what is necessary to take us there. Every dream is possible and we can have the lives we want the most. We are powerful and capable, and nothing is beyond our reach.

Today if you’ve been comfortable keeping everything the same, there are countless possibilities waiting for you. Think about what you really want. Your dreams are possible. Decide where you want to go, and take the first step forward. You are strong and powerful, and nothing is too far for you to reach. Be confident. You can reach any goal you desire. Every success is there for you and you will prevail.

Mount Everest

19 May

When someone decides they want to climb Mount Everest, it takes a long time to prepare. They must have a lot of experience climbing other peaks before they attempt such an arduous journey, and they must be in top physical condition. Before they go they have to be sure they can manage the physical requirements that will be placed on them by enduring other similar experiences. The climb to the top will be long and difficult and the weather is always unpredictable. Additionally, they will need to interact with others in a way that will ensure their safety and support. It’s a big challenge and a serious decision. Going unprepared or unwilling to do what is needed could mean extreme danger or even the loss of life. Climbers sometimes prepare for years for this challenge, and even then sometimes don’t succeed on getting to the summit. It pushes them to their limit but the only way to know if they can do it is to try. And so they climb.

We may never choose to climb Mount Everest or any other mountain. But we will face extreme challenges in our lives that will push us to our limits and make us question our abilities. They may be physical challenges but often are other types of situations. We will all face big decisions, major disappointments, and changes in our lives that may make us question our ability to overcome or at times, even survive. Things don’t always go the way we want them to or even the way we think they will. And when there’s an unexpected ringer, something that rocks us to our core, something so disappointing or unexpectedly difficult we may, at first, believe we won’t find our way through. But no problem is so devastating that we can’t manage it. There is no change so pervasive that we can’t navigate it. If we trust ourselves, and lean on our proven capabilities, we will find our way.

There is really no way to prepare for the unexpected. We can try to live our lives to help us become strong, independent people capable of doing many things. And we will be tested time and again with problems and challenges, some big and some small. Every time we sort through an issue and find an answer, every time we push through a problem and get to the resolution, our skills for managing the unexpected are refined. Each day brings something new and as we face each situation, good or bad, we learn. It’s like preparing to climb a mountain. We carry a lot of weight that makes us strong, we make decisions that teach us how to proceed, and we keep moving forward and improve our endurance. This life is a journey. Every turn will bring something new. We have everything we need to face whatever comes and we can reach the summit every time.

Today if you’re facing a big challenge and it feels like you’re climbing Mount Everest, and if you’re struggling to keep going, dig deep. You have resources you’ve refined over time inside you ready to come forward to help you find your way. No matter how far the summit is, you will get there. You already have everything you need. There isn’t anything too big for you to handle. Keep pushing forward and the answers will come.