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Making the Choice

23 Mar

The choices we make have a lot of influence over our lives.  Every decision takes us somewhere and if we’re engaged and aware we may choose roads that take us where we want to go.  But life is busy and can be complicated, and sometimes we make choices quickly out of necessity or even desperation.  Perhaps anger or frustration plays a roll and instead of thinking ahead, we pick a road based on what we’re feeling at the moment.  For every action we take there will always be a reaction of some sort.  If we are quick and thoughtless when we choose our steps forward, we may get a response we don’t want.  It’s impossible to be right all the time.  We all stumble and make mistakes but if we are careless and irresponsible, we may be beset with problems we’ve created ourselves.  Our lives belong solely to us and we are in control of every decision we make.  We can direct our lives forward with positive intent or we can choose without thinking and hope everything works out.  If we want our dreams to come true, or achieve anything, we must purposely direct our decisions.  We can drive out onto the highway but without a destination in mind and the desire to get there we may drive around indefinitely, going nowhere.  Without purposeful intent, and the choices needed to bring us success, we may spin in circles as time passes and never achieve the things we truly want.  Life is an incredible blessing.  Each day brings the chance to move closer to where we want to be.  With careful thought we can take control, make excellent decisions, and find success.  Every dream can come true if we do what is needed to move forward.

Opportunity is everywhere but it’s up to us to claim it.  We can watch others achieve their goals and complain that it was easier for them or they got chances we weren’t afforded.  It’s true that sometimes we will miss out on things we want to do but most of the time the opportunity to move forward is completely in our control.  If we sit back and do nothing, nothing will happen.  It takes determination and action to make any change a reality.  We are in control and every decision is up to us.

It’s easy to stay within our comfort zones and keep a routine we’re familiar with.  If we want something more, or something different we must be willing to step away from what we’re doing.  It can be unsettling to step into unknown territory and we may feel uncomfortable when we try.  But the unknown is only unknown until we make it ours.  We are capable of facing any challenge and embracing any change we desire.  The first steps forward will open new horizons before us and as we push ahead we will achieve success.  There isn’t anything we can’t do.  The world is there for us and we can reach any destination we desire.

Today if you want more opportunity and success, step away from what is familiar and move toward the goals you really want.  You have everything you need to accomplish anything you desire.  Be engaged and aware of each decision and choose the roads that will take you where you want to go.  You are strong and powerful, and nothing is out of reach.  Your life is yours to design and every success is possible.


25 Mar

Tadpoles are interesting creatures.  They are generally water creatures, and have gills, no legs, and a tail.  But their form is transitional.  Their quest is to become frogs – an entirely different creature that looks and lives completely differently.  As tadpoles mature, their gills are replaced by lungs so they can breathe air, their tails disappear, and they grow legs.  Their mouths change and become very wide, and their diet changes as well.  The metamorphosis from one creature to the other is dramatic and amazing.  The change is extreme and occurs naturally without intervention.  We aren’t tadpoles but we change as we grow as well.  We aren’t going to grow another set of legs, but the metamorphosis we go through as we change into our unique and genuine selves can be dramatic.  But our changes don’t always happen without intervention.  Life gives us challenges and trials, and as we navigate each one we change a little.  Our changes may not be dramatic, although they can be.  Change is a constant in our lives, and if we are wise the changes we go through will take us to who we really want to be.

When we stretch our abilities and push ourselves to move forward, we may feel discomfort.  It’s like deciding to start running to get into shape.  There are lots of benefits to getting more physical exercise, but getting to those benefits means we have to go through a transition.  At first we may struggle to get through the run.  The next day we may feel pain because we’re doing something new.  It may be difficult to manage, but if we stick to it and continue day after day, we’ll become stronger and gain the benefits we are seeking.  Change isn’t always easy.  At first turning another way may feel foreign and uncomfortable, but as we practice we’ll find our rhythm and the behaviors we want will become routine.  But it doesn’t happen overnight.  The tadpole needs time to change into a frog, and we need to time to change as well.

Like most situations in our lives, the big changes generally take longer to adjust to than the smaller ones.  If we want to change our route to work it will take little effort, but if we want to stop smoking it will be much harder.  No matter what it takes, if we want to change anything, we can.  Our lives are not carved in stone and we aren’t pre-determined to do anything.  We can change anything we like.  There may be pressure from those around us to keep things the same because it’s comfortable and rocking the boat can unbalance things.  But if we want to we can push forward and once on the other side, our balance will return.  There isn’t anything we can’t do and we don’t have to live a life we don’t want.  We are in control and can choose any path going forward.

Today if you’ve been thinking about a change you really want to make, take a step toward it.  You know where you want to go and how you want to get there.  The first step will open the door to the destination.  You can do anything.  You can decide how your life will go.  Begin today moving toward where you want to be.  You’re only steps away.