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Fairy Dust

2 May

Facing our lives as they really are is necessary for success.  We have to see everything clearly in order to move forward.  However, sometimes we might decide to look away from reality and prefer a fantasy view of where we are and what we’re going through.  Maybe it’s because we’re facing difficult times that are overwhelming and don’t think we can manage them.  But refusing to see things as they are and choosing make believe doesn’t help us go forward.  The truth of our situations is what is real.  There is no magical fairy dust to make things right.  If we gloss over our problems or pretend they don’t exist it will hurt us in the end.  We are courageous and smart enough to face and overcome anything that comes to us.  Looking away only postpones what we need to do to move forward and holds us in place.

There is nothing wrong with having an active imagination. We can dream about things we want to do, and imagine what our lives would be like if things were different.  Sometimes our time spent dreaming fuels ideas that enable us to create better situations and move toward the goals we’re dreaming about.  We are creative by nature and if we imagine how things could be and really define them, it can motivate us to do what is needed to make them a reality.  There isn’t anything we can’t do and no destination is too far away.  Dreaming of making our goals a reality is fine but dreaming and imagining won’t make them come true.  If we want to change, we must face our lives as they are and then do what is needed to take us where we want to go.

Sometimes we all go through difficult trials and sometimes we suffer as we try to navigate them.  Some things are painful, and can stop us completely as we try to understand and move through them.  Checking out and pretending they don’t exist may bring momentary relief from the situation but it will never help us move through it.  Putting a shine on a problem may make it look better, but it won’t solve it.  If we want to get past something difficult the best thing to do is to march right through it.  We are strong enough to face whatever comes to us and brave enough to deal with any complication.  We can find our way if we look at everything clearly and openly.  We have everything we need to solve any problem.  There is nothing that will conquer us.  We can do whatever we must to move forward.

Today if you feel like hiding out or looking away because a situation you’re facing feels too hard to go through, remember how strong you are.  There isn’t anything that will defeat you.  You can manage anything that comes to you and you will find your way.  You are stronger than you realize.  Look at what’s real and be confident.  You can do anything.