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7 Nov

We all have ideas about how things should go and what should happen.  We make plans and try to design our lives in ways that ensure what we want most will come to us and we’ll be on the right road going forward.  We have control over all our decisions but basically everything else is left up to chance.  We can make all the right choices to get to a goal and still not reach it because of situations out of our control.  Sometimes things develop in ways we can’t understand and no matter how we try to wrap our heads around it, can’t make sense of it.  When that happens, we may stand and watch, stunned as the world seems to tilt on its axis and we are left out in the cold.  We may struggle to figure out how to process our new reality.  No matter how well we prepare or how sure we are about the road ahead, things may change suddenly and we may find ourselves standing on foreign ground with no idea what to do next.  Confusing, complicated events may come but we are capable of managing if we step back and take the time we need to see everything clearly.  There are many roads to every destination and if the one we’ve been on has disappeared, we can choose another.  We can let go of any preconceived notions about how we should proceed and alter our plans to fit the new situation we’re in.  Change is constant and even if the change we’re facing is difficult, we can find our way.  We are capable of adjusting our plans, redirecting our way forward and still finding success.

People do all kinds of things.  If someone does something that impacts us negatively we may question their reasoning.  If they value their relationship with us they may do something to amend the situation.  But we can’t make people care about others and if we’re someone they don’t consider worth their time they may continue on without regard to what’s happening to us.  If we can’t eliminate their influence over us we’ll have to cope.  It’s not easy to deal with unpleasant and disagreeable people but we are intelligent and can find a way around them.

When something unexpected and extreme happens that affects our plans going forward, we may shudder in unbelief.  Our idea of what is normal may be challenged and we may struggle to understand our position and how to take the next step.  There may be times when unforeseen developments knock the air out of us and we’ll have to hold on tight to keep standing.  Life is filled with surprises and even if we’re uneven for a moment, we can find our footing by trusting our instincts and remaining calm.  Whatever storm is passing over will abate and we’ll be able to see clearly again.  We are strong and capable and even in the midst of serious turmoil can find our way.

Today if you’re facing a situation that has rocked your foundation and you’re struggling to comprehend what to do, remember how capable you are.  You can stand steady even when the ground shakes.  You can face anything and find the answers you need to get through.  Be confident.  There is nothing powerful enough to hold you down.  Step forward and start again.  There is great success ahead.


Hold On

21 Jan

There are times in our lives when we have to make difficult decisions. Perhaps we need to change our course in one way or another, end a relationship, quit a job, or move to a new location. These decisions require a lot of thought and consideration because they impact our lives in big ways. Ending relationships that aren’t working for us can be very painful, even if we’re sure it’s the right decision. Quitting a job that doesn’t fit, or deciding to move to a new location requires a lot of change and can upset our lives for a time. When we’re going through the adjustments involved in making big changes, even if they are changes we want to make, we can feel unsettled and out of sync for a time. We may even feel like running back to the old situation because even though it wasn’t working, at least it’s familiar. But we can’t move forward and backward at the same time. If we really want the change we’ve decided to make, we must hold on when we feel unsure and keep walking ahead. Eventually we’ll find our place again, feel more secure, and have the opportunity to create a better situation going forward.

There is great comfort in doing things we’re familiar with. Routine feels normal, and even if we’re not happy, we know what to expect. When we decide to make a big change in our lives, we disrupt our regular routine and even though we know we want to move forward on a different path, we may miss the comfort of where we were. We may grieve for the sameness and yearn for the security it gave us. At those times there may be great temptation to go back. If it was a relationship that didn’t work, we may still miss the other person. Going back won’t change anything except we’ll be back where we were. If we weren’t happy before we left, we won’t be happy when we return. It’s normal to go through a grieving process when we’re making changes, and miss what we know. But it will pass and if we hold on and keep going forward to the future we want, we’ll find comfort again, and happiness will return.

Changing our lives often requires us to step into the unknown. We don’t know what we’ll find on our new road, we don’t really know where it will take us. We know what we want but there is no road map with an “X” marking the spot showing the destination. We have to figure things out one step at a time. We are capable of doing that and no matter where we’re headed or what we’re seeking, we can get there. Just because the road is new doesn’t mean we can’t successfully travel it. Taking things one step at a time, seeing everything as it is and directing our path carefully will ensure our success. There isn’t anything we can’t do. There isn’t any change that is too daunting for us. We can make our lives any way we want them. All we have to do is make our decision, hold on, and keep walking. The destination will come to us and we’ll be happy again.

Today if you’re making changes and you feel unsure, keep going. You know what you want and you can move forward with confidence and clarity. You can take any road you choose and get to your destination. You are capable and strong. You’ve made the right decision for you. Hold on and keep walking. You’re almost there.