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Cheap Imitation

8 Jan

We all know what we want in our lives. We know what we want to do, where we want to go, and who we want to spend our time with. Sometimes what we want is easy to obtain and we’re able to achieve it with little effort. But often our goals don’t just fall into our laps, and we must take the time and do what is needed to make them ours. We can reach any goal if we’re determined and nothing is out of reach. Of course, there are always options available. If what we desire is difficult, and will require a lot of time and energy, we can always opt for something that’s not exactly the same, but is close. It’s like buying a knock off. It may look kind of like the original, and if we don’t look at it too carefully, can convince ourselves it’s close enough. But having something kind of like what we want will never bring the satisfaction of having the real thing. Getting something that’s sort of like our true desire will only make us sort of happy. Only the complete goal we’re seeking will bring us complete happiness. If we feel satisfied enough with a cheap imitation, it’s easy to accomplish. Stopping short of what we really want and choosing something easier is always possible. However, our dreams and desires are important, and if we want them, we can have them. We can decide to do whatever is necessary to reach any destination we desire. There is no limit to what we can accomplish if we’re determined and focused on moving forward. Every dream is possible, every goal is reachable, and every desire can be fulfilled. We’re in control of our lives and every decision we make. We can create the lives we want the most. Nothing is out of reach, and we can make all our dreams reality.

A knock off Rolex isn’t a bad looking watch. Although it’s made of base metal instead of gold, and the interior mechanism is lower quality, from a distance it may look like the real thing. We can always buy an imitation and hope it’s good enough. We may fool some people, but we will never fool ourselves. Settling for something less than what we really want will never satisfy our desire. We will always know we compromised and will still want the real thing. Instead of choosing easier options, we can plan and work for what we really want, and find great satisfaction in gaining it.

Our relationships are important to us, and when they are rewarding and happy, can bring great joy into our lives. If we’re in a relationship that’s not working, we can consider every option to improve our situation. No matter how much time we’ve invested, or what others may expect, we never have to continue any relationship that isn’t making us happy. We can consider all our options and choose the road ahead that will bring us the satisfaction and contentment we desire. We deserve complete happiness, and can do what is needed to obtain it.

Today if you’ve been settling for less than what you really want, remember your life is important. You can have everything you desire, and you deserve full and complete happiness. Decide what you want the most, and then take the first step toward making it yours. Every dream is possible, and with determination you will succeed.


21 Dec

There may be times in our lives when something we absolutely did not want to happen becomes a reality. If we fought hard to prevent it and worked with all we had to turn things another way and still it happened, it’s a stunning defeat. We may be in disbelief and feel lost and disconnected, and not sure what to do next or how to move forward. Now what? How can we possibly figure out how to navigate something we can’t even believe has occurred? Life is unpredictable and even if we do everything we can to make something happen, sometimes we will fail. The certainty of defeat is bitter but we decide our path forward. We can hold a grudge and refuse to comply with the changes that have come or refuse to accept the new reality. But there are better responses when things go wrong and we can find them and use them to confidently direct us forward.

Who we are is more important that what happens to us. We can’t control others or their decisions and sometimes the tide will turn against us. When it does we can fight, and scream and kick against it dreaming that if we make enough noise or push hard enough it will go away. We could demean those on the other side and ridicule them because of their choices, or sequester ourselves and hide out until things change. But none of those options will allow us to move forward and be our very best. Fighting against what has already been decided is a waste of energy and time, and holds us in place. What has happened is done and we must find a way forward. We have great value and our opinions matter, and although our path has been modified, with grace and patience we may influence the way ahead.

Magnets are interesting things. They pull on every metal that comes near them and draw it close without any trouble at all. They don’t push and they don’t force but with gentle, consistent, and unending pull they attract it to them. Metal cannot hold itself back from a magnet. The force is subtle and quiet, but unwavering and unyielding. When we want things to go our way and the road has taken a turn away from us we can turn it back. Like magnets, we can be quiet, gentle and consistent in our message. It’s impossible to resist someone who is kind and friendly, even when their message is different from ours. We’re all attracted to people who are loving and patient, and we will listen to them. There is an old saying, “You can attract more flies with honey than with vinegar,” and it’s true. Nobody wants to spend time listening to a sore loser rant and rave about their point of view. If we continually put forth our message with patience and moderation, we will attract others to our side. And then we can win.

Today if you’re stunned and angry because something went against you, remember who you are and the value of your message. Be kind and patient and others will be drawn to you. You have everything you need to succeed. Share yourself with love and consideration and others will join you going forward.