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Here and Now

29 May

Life is busy and there are often many things going on around us. We have responsibilities to address, details to attend to and an endless list of things we want to get done. We can be very effective and move forward efficiently and quickly but there are always a lot of distractions and it’s sometimes hard to stay tuned to the things we’re doing. Our thoughts determine how successful we are as we move along. If we’re in the moment and aware of what’s going on here and now we will see everything clearly and make the best decisions. If we’re distracted by something and looking in a direction away from where we want to go it will be harder to get to our destination. Our thoughts are fluid and continually moving from one topic to the next. One idea leads to another and if we’re not careful we might find we’ve spent a lot of time thinking about situations that have nothing to do with where we are right now. Being mindful of exactly where we are and what’s happening will help us move forward to where we want to go. We can manage whatever distractions are in our path and continue forward focused on our goal. Every destination is possible and when we’re thinking clearly and are determined to get there, nothing can keep us from success. We can control our thoughts and with discipline and determination get to any goal we seek.

We all have memories of things that have passed. Some will be good, some may be difficult and if we’ve been hurt and those memories are strong they may hold us back from what we want to do. Difficult memories may haunt us as we try to process what happened and wonder about why things went awry. We can’t go back in time and it’s impossible to live in the past and if we carry disappointments forward and hang onto them, they may prevent us from living in the present. All we have is what’s happening now. The past is gone and can never be recaptured. We can learn from what we’ve been through, let it go and move forward.

There is no way to know what will come to us. We can plan and proceed toward goals we want and we will achieve them but often we get there in ways we didn’t anticipate. Life is filled with unknowns and we only have control over ourselves. Nothing can prevent the future from arriving and worrying about what might happen or how we’ll handle what we don’t know is time wasted. We have all the skills we need to face anything that comes. We are strong, resilient and capable and nothing can hold us down. The future will come and we will manage whatever it brings with confidence.

Today if you’ve been spending time dissecting something that has past, or worrying about what might come in the future, focus on today. You only have this moment to live your life. The past is behind you and the future will come in its own time. Be the best you can be right now and every goal you’re seeking will become a reality. Your life is precious and valuable, and every decision you make will take you closer to the goals you desire. Be courageous and confident. You are amazing and every dream can come true. There is greatness ahead for you and you will reach it.

Wet Snow

28 Nov

The snow in winter can be a beautiful sight. The first snow of the season often brings excitement and wonder, and the new covering of white makes everything seem magical. It’s fun to play in and children rejoice if it’s heavy enough to close school. Every situation is unique and if the snow is powdery and dry it’s completely different than when it’s heavy and wet. If it’s dry and light we may not even leave a footprint in it as we walk along, but if it’s heavy and wet we will leave a deep impression with each step that may last a long time.  Wet snow has a long memory. If we step in it, our prints will be long lasting and defined. The wind won’t erase them, and they will remain until conditions permit them to melt away and disappear, which may not happen until spring arrives.

We can make decisions in our lives that are so dramatic and change the landscape so much they are like footprints in wet snow. They can have an impact so great that the everyday winds of our lives, our comings and goings, will not diminish their influence and we need to find ways to navigate around them. Sometimes we make extreme decisions that leave long lasting results because of situations we’re in. Other times they may be the result of anger, or impulse, or reflex. If we’ve put a lot of thought into the decision ahead of time and are sure the decision is right, even though it will have far reaching consequences, we will manage whatever comes as a result. But if we’ve plowed ahead without thought, and done something that has changed the entire landscape of our lives and we’ve made a mistake, the ramifications may remain with us for a long time.

We all make mistakes and if we make one that changes the course of our lives it will be a dramatic development that will take time to adjust to. If we’ve hurt others, we will need to do whatever is required to repair the relationship and regain their trust. If the action was so egregious that our relationship is destroyed, we may have to let go and move forward on a new road. There is no mistake so intense or far reaching that we cannot recover, but recovery might require a change in our direction, and a new focus in our lives. We may feel all is lost, and too much has changed to ever be right again, but that is never true. There isn’t anything we can’t adjust, correct, or repair if we are motivated enough. We can rebuild our lives, we can change our behavior, and we can be successful again. The snow may have been very deep and wet when we stepped in it, the print we left may be indelible for a while, but eventually the air will warm enough to smooth the edges and soften the imprint. If we work on successfully going forward, in time, the mark we left will become a memory and who we have become will be the focus.

Today if you’re coping with a mistake you’ve made, if it seems immense and you aren’t sure you can go forward, take heart. You can fix this. No matter what has happened, if you determine to make good choices going forward, you will turn this around. You haven’t lost everything. Make the best decisions today. Tomorrow do the same. Each day that passes will take you closer to where you want to be. This is just a moment. Navigate it the best you can and soon you’ll find happiness again.


2 Oct

As we go through our lives, there are memories that stay with us. Sometimes they are etched in our minds forever because the event was so intense – the death of a loved one, the day our child was born, or when we met the love of our lives.  But often they aren’t anything extraordinary but regular days where something unexpected happened or we felt something deeply. We remember a day at the beach when we found a perfectly round pebble on the shore. Or the time we had lunch with friends and the waiter told a joke so funny we couldn’t stop laughing. Or we remember a long walk through a quiet forest and how fresh the air felt. Our minds capture these events like snapshots frozen in time. Perhaps someone says something and a memory comes forward, or we smell a familiar but long lost scent that takes us back, or we see something and suddenly we are transformed back in time to a special moment. Our lives race by so quickly and when we remember a time before now, we have the chance to reflect and see how far we’ve come.

Every one of our days is sacred. We can only live through them one time and then they are gone. But our memories last forever. They are stored close to our hearts reminding us of who we are, and where we’ve been. It’s impossible to remember everything and some people preserve their daily activities by keeping a journal or a diary. Others take lots of pictures and revisit them again and again. And some of us just rely on ourselves to remember special moments. Whatever we’re doing, memories take us back to times before, and help us understand the road we’ve been on. If we let them, our memories will teach us and show us how much we’ve grown.

When memories are painful we may want them to disappear. If they revisit us again and again and we can’t make them stop there may be unresolved issues from whatever happened. The memory may be a reminder that we still have work to do to move forward. If that’s the case, the only way to stop the pain is to face the memory head on and deal with it. Opening old wounds is never easy but sometimes it’s the only way to make them heal. If we can face the pain openly, see everything clearly, and let it wash over us, we can begin to let it go. We have to open the door to walk through it. And then on the other side we can start to move forward again and although the memory will still be there, working through it will help stop the pain attached to it.

Today if you remember a time gone by that brought you joy, take a moment to relive the memory. Enjoy the experience again and be happy. If you remember something that hurts, look at it, and take some time to work through the pain until you can begin to let it go. Your memories are blessings. Painful or joyful, they are proof that you are here. And being here is wonderful. It’s the greatest blessing of all.