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Choosing the Ending

17 Aug

There is a popular children’s book series where there are several different endings to the stories.  After reading the basic story in the book, the reader can choose the ending they want from a few at the end.  It’s a great and creative idea that allows us to imagine how it would be if we could decide how things end up.  In our lives it would be wonderful – amazing even – if we could decide where our decisions would take us and design how everything would come together.  We could do the things we wanted without concern for the result because we could always change the ending if we didn’t like where we landed.  But life is reality, and we have all the freedom and power to make any decisions we like but no control over where those decisions take us.  Sometimes everything works out exactly as we hope and other times we may end up in a place that is nowhere we want to be.  There is no way to predict the future and all we can do is look at the options available and make the best choices possible.  Life will take us places we never dream we will go and sometimes we may end up somewhere that isn’t comfortable or easy.  We don’t have to stay anywhere forever and always have the power to change our situations, whatever they may be.  If we land in foreign territory and don’t like the scenery or the players involved, we can move.  Although we can’t control everything, we can always control our own lives.  We can change our location, our relationships, our job, or anything else that isn’t working.  We deserve complete happiness and can do whatever we need to achieve it.

There are all kinds of opinions about life and how we should be living.  We can listen to all the advice we’re given and decide how much of it we want to take, if any.  Some people have very strong ideas about how things should go and if we’re different from them they may try to persuade us to change our ways.  We are responsible for our own lives and can follow their example if we like, or continue to do things our own way.  We know what we want and who we want to be.  Our expressions are ours alone and never have to mimic anyone else.  The unique gifts we bring are ours to offer and enhance the world in ways nobody else could.

When we make decisions that take us far from where we thought we were headed we can choose to go back and start again, or investigate our new situation and see what it brings.  Change offers us new insights and a wider vision of our world.  Foreign territory may be intimidating at first but we can learn about it and make it ours.  There are countless roads to explore and endless locations to find.  If we end up someplace new, instead of running back to home plate, we can see what the new landscape offers us.  There are great blessings just waiting to be discovered and we can be confident and sure we will find them.

Today if a choice you made took you somewhere you had no intention of going, before you retreat, take a look around.  You may find great pleasure and unexpected benefits as you get to know something new.  The world is filled with possibilities and they are all open to you.  Be confident and open all the doors.  There are blessings waiting for you.


13 Sep

We can do anything we want with our time as we live our lives.  We can wander around aimlessly taking things as they come, or purposefully set goals and achieve the things we desire.  Our time is ours to use as we like and anything is possible.  If we have no compass for the way forward, or lack confidence in our ability to accomplish things we dream about, we may spend our days simply going through the motions of whatever life presents to us.  There are always plenty of things to occupy our thoughts and distract us, and if we choose to, we may spend all our time merely watching the constantly changing landscape.  It’s all up to us but if we are aimless in our direction with no specific destination or goal in mind, we may discover that years have drifted by and nothing has changed.  While it’s comforting to be in situations that are familiar, change can bring great satisfaction.  We all have unlimited potential and there isn’t anything we can’t accomplish.  We are the only ones who can make our dreams come true and direct our lives to the places we want to go.  Sitting back and waiting for things to come to us will not bring success.  Every day is a gift and we can capture each moment going forward and design our perfect life.  Sitting back will never move us forward.  We can pursue any dream or desire, and we can succeed.  There isn’t anything out of reach and all things are possible if we’re willing to work for them.  Our lives are ours and we can make them any way we choose.  We can be happy and fulfilled, and find joy living the lives we want the most.

It can be hard to think about changing our lives.  Even if we want something very badly it may be intimidating to begin doing the things needed to bring it to pass.  When we step onto an unknown path we may feel unsure of our ability to continue.  But the unknown is just a place we haven’t yet visited.  We have all the courage and wisdom needed to open new doors and take new roads going forward.  The scenery and players involved may change but soon they will become familiar and our confidence will rise.  We can trust in ourselves to manage whatever comes and find success.

Nobody can give us the lives we want the most.  Wandering aimlessly through our days will not bring us happiness.  We must take action to create the lives we want.  Real joy comes when we do the things needed to take us to the destinations we desire.  Each step we take brings us closer to the goal.  When we live fully aware of where we are, and push to move forward to where we want to go, we will find happiness.  We deserve complete happiness and choosing to live on purpose, pointed in the direction of our dreams will bring it to us.

Today if you’ve been drifting through your time and just taking things as they come, stop and think about what you want the most.  Where do you really want to be?  Take the first step forward toward the life you dream about.  You can do anything and go anywhere you desire.  Success is always there for you but you must choose it.  Move forward and direct your course to fulfill your dreams.  You can do anything.  Start today.

Knock Knock

4 Dec

There are a lot of things to learn and do in this life.  As we accomplish one, we’re ready to move on to the next.  Sometimes we take classes, sometimes we travel, sometimes we read, and sometimes we rely on others to teach us something new.  As we interact with all the people who come in and out of our lives, everyone knows something they can share with us.  When we meet those with the skills we’re looking for, it’s an opportunity to ask questions, and seek information.  But sometimes out of uncertainty, or because we aren’t sure how it will be received, we fail to engage the other person on the subject to discover what they can share.  Opportunity may come knocking, but if we don’t open the door our chance may be lost.

We don’t want to impose on others or their time, and sometimes even when we really want to talk about something, we aren’t confident asking.  Most people are happy to share what they know, and if they can’t do it when we ask, they are often willing to meet with us later.  It’s up to us to open the door and begin the conversation even when we don’t know what will come of it.  They might not be interested in sharing, or they may take a lot of time guiding us, and showing us what we want to know.  But we’ll never find out unless we forge ahead and ask.  We must be confident enough to take the first step.  They say the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, and that’s true.  If we never put our foot forward, we’ll never get where we want to go.

Opportunities may come to us in unexpected ways, and in unexpected places.  We may have a passing conversation with someone who mentions something we’re interested in.  If we ask about it, even if they aren’t the ones to guide us, they may know someone who can share with us.  Or we might see someone doing something that relates to what we want to learn, and we can approach them for information.  For instance, if we’re interested in learning how to paint landscapes and we see someone taking photographs of them, we might strike up a conversation and ask if they know anyone who paints them.  It’s surprising how many contacts we already have and often referrals we need may come just by speaking up.  We can do anything we want to do, and if we pay attention, we can find someone to teach us how.

Today if you’ve wanted to learn something but haven’t done anything to move forward, start the conversation.  Talk to your friends and associates and share your ideas.  Be confident asking if they know about the topic or can refer you to someone who does.  You may be surprised at how helpful others are, and you may find exactly what you’re looking for.  Take the first step on the journey today.  Before you know it you’ll be well on the road to learning exactly what you want, and your life will be fuller and richer because you reached out.