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6 Nov

We meet all kinds of people as we go through our lives.  Some of them share common traits with us and others are very different.  We all define success in unique ways and accomplish many different things as we navigate forward.  Sometimes if we meet new people who have achieved great and impressive goals we may feel our lives are small in comparison.  We may look at ourselves compared to them and believe we haven’t done enough or our contributions are in some way less valuable.  None of us will have identical experiences and we all move in different ways on the roads we have chosen.  When we see the success others have achieved we may think our successes aren’t as important or are somehow beneath them.  It’s easy to believe we haven’t done enough when we compare ourselves to others we admire but every achievement no matter how small has value.  Every single step we take forward is an important success.  If we’re on the road we want to be on and headed in the direction we want to go we are successful.  The world’s ideas of success mean nothing.  We define our personal success by the standards we set for ourselves.  Maybe we haven’t published a book, run a marathon, or built a corporation.  But if what we’ve done has brought us satisfaction and happiness, we are successful.  Nothing can compare to the joy we find when we accomplish something we truly desire, no matter if others notice or not.  We are defined by our own standards.  Our lives are valuable and important and our contributions count.  Everything we do makes an impact and we are an integral part of the world around us.

Fame and fortune are big and spectacular.  We see it splashed across headlines, the covers of magazines and those who enjoy it get a lot of attention.  If we get caught up in what others think we should achieve and aren’t on those roads, we may believe we are failures.  If we haven’t earned a lot of money, or done anything sensational and noteworthy to those around us, we might think our lives are inconsequential and meaningless.  But every life has value.  Every one of us plays a role in the history of the world.  Every decision we make brings a result that affects the situation around us.  We fill an emptiness the world would experience without us.

We define our lives and design them in ways that bring us happiness and satisfaction.  What we value may not be what others find important.  Our goals are unique to what we want to accomplish.  We need not define our personal success by the parameters the world sets.  Our happiness is achieved when we do what is most important to us and takes us where we want to go.  The world belongs to us and we may define it according to our unique standards and desires.

Today if you’ve been comparing yourself to the successes of those around you and feel you haven’t accomplished enough, remember your life is yours to define.  You decide what your personal success looks like.  You are important and the world needs your influence.  Be yourself and be confident.  You have so much to offer and we’re all lucky you’re here.


28 Jun

If you’ve ever been to the beach and played in the sand for any length of time you know how insidious it can be. The shore is covered with sand and as we walk on it, play in it and swim around it we get it in our swimsuits, in our shorts, in our shoes, in our hair and everywhere else. But we’re having fun and although it can be annoying and gritty to deal with, it’s worth the trade-off. In our lives there are lots of people around us all the time. Though not as numerous as sand particles on the beach, there are many continually in and out of our lives. If we surround ourselves with good, strong people our associations may be beneficial and helpful. But if we continually interact with others whose choices aren’t positive, and who do things that bring problems and heartache to those around them, our time with them may hurt us. Like the sand that finds its way all over us and then begins to chafe, if we continually associate with those who hurt us we will be unhappy.

We build and create our relationships for lots of reasons. Sometimes they evolve because of association, sometimes they are part of our family, sometimes we build them because we like what they bring us, and sometimes we’re in them because there is history that cannot be undone. And sometimes our relationships change and become difficult to navigate. We don’t have to keep any relationship that makes us uncomfortable or that brings us hardship but it can be hard to stop a pattern if we’ve been involved for a long period of time. We might try to distance ourselves from a toxic situation but if we don’t sever the ties that hold us to it, that will do little to fix the problem. It’s like brushing sand off the outside of our bathing suit but doing nothing to wash out the grit that has made its way inside it. Things may look better on the outside, but the problem is still there. No matter who we’re involved with, and no matter what their relationship is to us if we are not happy, we can change it.

If we stay in relationships that hurt us and do nothing to change them, our unhappiness may increase. No matter what the situation is we always have the power to modify our circumstances so we can move forward comfortably and happily. If we’re dealing with someone who is rude and offensive, we can speak up and clearly state our boundaries. If we have a difficult family member we can set the example for patience and insist on being treated with respect. If we’re in a relationship that isn’t working and we want to move on we can do what is needed to make that happen. There isn’t anything we can’t manage and if we’ve got sand in our shoes, we can shake it out. If it’s in our hair, we can wash it out. And if it’s in our clothes, we can change them. Our lives belong to us and we can do whatever is needed to be happy and successful.

Today if you’re in a situation that is making you uncomfortable, be honest and do what is needed to change it. You deserve to be happy. Take charge and change your course. Shake out the sand and enjoy the beach. You have everything it takes to move forward.