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Clearing It Away

16 Nov

Our lives are busy and there is often a lot that needs our attention. We have relationships to nurture, jobs that need our time, chores to take care of, people to consider, and the list goes on and on. Every experience we have teaches us something, and they may also leave us with unfinished business. Unresolved issues will linger and hang onto us until we face them, and do what is needed to take care of them. We can try to avoid thinking about them but like static electricity, they cling to us and continually remind us they are there. There may be unresolved feelings from a former relationship, or conversations we need to have in an unsettled situation. Whatever the issue, carrying it around will never bring us freedom or peace. Until we clear it away, we may feel burdened and get stuck unable to move ahead. It’s not easy to open painful doors and look inside, but the only way to let go of whatever is holding us down is to bring it all out in the open and address every unfinished aspect. We have everything we need to face anything we must, and already possess all the courage and wisdom necessary to find our way through. By being completely honest with ourselves and those around us, and taking the time to work through any issue, we will find great release and satisfaction. All the answers we need will be there for us, and we will find the road ahead. Success is waiting, and by looking at everything clearly, and stepping forward with confidence, we will reach it.

There is an old saying, “Out of sight, out of mind.” That works with some things but simply looking away from trouble will never fix it. Hiding from something we don’t want to face changes nothing. No matter how long we look away and pretend things are different than they are, the problem we’re avoiding will wait until we turn back around. There is no need to run from trouble. We have all the courage and wisdom necessary to solve whatever comes. By trusting ourselves, and taking control, we can solve any complication and find the road ahead.

We may face an issue that is so complex and difficult we struggle to get through. Everyone has different experiences and chances are someone around us will have information and ideas that will assist us in finding the answers we need. By reaching out to others, and being open about what’s happening, we can get the help needed, and reach success. Nothing can hold us in place, and we will prevail.

Today if you’ve been holding onto unresolved feelings and conflict, stop and look at everything openly and objectively. Let go of any unfinished business and clear away any unsettled issues. Close the books on the past, and start again. You are amazing and capable, and bring great light to the world. Trust yourself and be confident. There is great success just ahead, and nothing will keep you from it.

Growing Up

12 Dec

“We’re all told at some point in time that we can no longer play the children’s game…” Moneyball

When we’re children we act like children and as childhood flashes by we go through a lot of changes. Childhood is the time for us to begin our lives and start to learn and understand how things work, decide what kind of people we want to be, and what we want to do. For most of us moving into adulthood is a normal progression we grow into each day. But for some it’s more difficult and we may get stuck holding onto childish behaviors. We may not be able to control ourselves or make good choices, we may be subject to tantrums and hysterics, or get stuck acting out immaturely. It’s impossible to be successful adults if we’re behaving like children. For most of us the transition into adulthood is natural and we learn the lessons needed as time passes to become fully integrated and capable. However, if we refuse to grow up, and get stuck wishing for the innocence and carefree years of the past, we will face many difficulties. We cannot be children and adults at the same time. If we want to be truly happy we must embrace our lives as they are, let go of the children’s game and move forward.

Children cannot understand or compete in the adult world. They don’t have the experience or understanding to comprehend how things work or what needs to be done. They lack the self-control required to face disappointments easily and process undesired changes. They have everything they need to be children, and we never expect them to possess adult attributes. However, once we’ve grown up it’s our responsibility to learn what we need to interact effectively with the other adults in our lives. We must let go of the trappings of childhood and embrace growth. We can all become successful adults willing and able to work with others and understand our circumstances. If we need help adjusting it is our responsibility to get it. Only then can we be successful and move forward.

Fantasy is fun but if we are confused about what is real and what is fantasy we may get lost. It’s perplexing for others to be around adults who hang onto childish things and act in childish ways. Life isn’t always easy and it can be hard to face difficulties and try to unravel complex issues. We may not want to face what is before us but hiding behind childish behavior will not solve them for us. We have everything we need to become fully successful. We are brave and strong and capable of facing anything that comes to us. We can grow and mature and become our best selves.

Today if you’ve been struggling and wishing you were a child again, trust yourself to expand. Life is always moving forward. There is no way to return to the past. Be where you are and gain all the knowledge and experience you need to be successful. You can do anything and do it well. Today is a great blessing. Move ahead with confidence.