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Let Me

3 Oct

Life is unpredictable and our situations can change in an instant. One minute we may be traveling along confidently and then suddenly something may happen and everything is completely overturned. We cannot predict what will come and we never really know what lies ahead. If we’re forced into a new reality without warning that has upset our stability and foundation, we may be unsure or concerned about how to proceed. If our lives have been upended and we can’t find our footing, the simple offer of help from someone else can feel like a lifeline going forward. When someone steps in and says, “Let me,” we may feel enormous relief. The offer from someone else to help, to lift, and to assist can be priceless when we are overcome. Nobody can do everything all the time and we all face moments when we need help. The gift of service from those around us can make even the darkest moments lighter. We’re all in this together. In times of crisis, in moments of doubt, and situations of uncertainty, the gift of someone willing to walk with us, to hold us up, and help us face whatever is before us, is the most treasured gift we could receive. Letting others in when we are overcome, and allowing them to help us move forward will enable us to withstand any storm or trial. There isn’t anything we can’t do but we all need help from time to time. That help will allow us to move forward with confidence and enable us to aide others once our trial has passed. Life is all about learning and each experience teaches us valuable lessons. We can move through every challenge with others standing beside us and find success together.

We are all connected far more deeply than we may realize. The depth of our connection is often visible when disaster strikes and people are suffering. There are countless stories of selfless heroism in the face of danger. When we see others in challenging situations who need help, we can stand firm and say, “Let me.” Offering our strength when others are weak will enlarge us and make us equal to the task. We have so much to offer and sharing it with those around us sustains them through the trial and enriches us.

When we serve others, our lives are enhanced and refined. The act of giving often returns more to us than anticipated. The blessings of service are limitless and our compassion for those around us will increase when we serve. Trouble comes to us all. Offering our help and receiving help from others builds our connections and makes our world stronger.

Today if someone near you is struggling, offer your help and assistance. Do what you can to encourage and support. Strengthen your connections to others through service. If you’re facing a trial and feel overwhelmed, allow others to lift you and help you through. You are never alone and all the help you need is there for you. Be strong, be brave, and go forward with confidence. There isn’t thing we can’t do together.

My Hero

4 Jul

When we’re young, we are often fascinated by comic book heroes. They have magical, impressive powers, and we love the way they always save the day. There is no end to their bravery, and they always, always do the right thing. As we get older, we may lose our fascination with the comic book hero, but we still want heroes in our lives. We admire people who are brave, who stand up for what’s right in the face of danger, and who risk themselves to protect others. Those qualities are so impressive, and when we see them, it reminds us that we can be heroes even if we aren’t Superman, or Spiderman, or any of the others we used to read about.

We can all be heroes in our lives. We can make choices every day to stand up for what we believe is right. We don’t have to leap tall buildings, or be faster than a speeding bullet. Sometimes all we have to do is speak up when someone is being hurt. Sometimes all we have to do is say no when we’re asked to do something we feel is wrong. And sometimes, we may get the opportunity to do something really impressive – save a life, stop an injustice, or protect someone we love. But those extreme opportunities don’t come along often, so the small decisions we make every day prove who we are.

There have been people in all of our lives who have impressed us. They’ve done things that were noble and inspired, and things that were heroic. I have a friend who works a full time job but finds time every week to volunteer to help the poor and needy. He gives his time at the local food bank, and he and his family regularly help out at the local shelters. No matter how busy he is, he makes the time to help others. He’s a hero to those he helps, and an inspiration to everyone. I have another friend who struggles with a learning problem. It’s hard for her to communicate, it’s hard for her to read, and it’s hard for her to understand complex ideas. But she is always cheerful, always helpful, and always sets an amazing example. She’s loved by everyone who knows her.

In this day and age, where everything is blown out of proportion, where we’re often expected to be perfect, we can feel like our lives are small, and don’t really count. But when we stand up for what’s right, we are noble. When we defend the downtrodden, we are courageous. When we push forward, despite heavy obstacles, we are brave. All of these characteristics make us heroes. We are heroic because we choose what’s best.

Today if you think your life is small, if you think your contributions are minimal, stop, and think again. Think about the times you’ve spoken out for what was right, and helped those around you. You are more courageous than you think you are. You have goodness in you, and when you choose to show it to others, you are a hero. Be the very best you can be. Be an example for the world. You have that in you. Let it shine.