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8 Nov

There are unlimited things we can do with our lives. We can go along with everyone else and coast through the years without paying much attention. Or we can live on purpose and actually do the things we dream about. Our lives belong solely to us and what we do with them is our responsibility. We are always in complete control of our decisions and can do anything we choose to. Of course, not everything will come easily but the challenge is to continue forward even if the road gets rough. There will always be complications and unforeseen developments and some of them may block our path from time to time but if we’re determined we can reach any goal we set. It’s all up to us and in the end we all get the lives we wanted the most. If we aren’t happy where we are, we can change. We can do anything and go anywhere. We just have to decide but before we set out to make our dreams come true, we need to figure out who we are and what we really want. It sounds easy but for most of us really uncovering what we want to do with our lives takes some thought. The dreams we had as children may no longer apply. We’ve grown and matured and gotten a taste for what we do and don’t like. The ballerina of yesterday may strive to become the CEO today. The childhood race car driver now wants to be an engineer. Dreams change as we learn about life and grow into adulthood and when they do if we want them to become reality we must change as well. We can choose any path we want to travel and if we keep our eyes focused on the goal, will reach it.

Our parents taught us many things as they raised us and we learned what their beliefs were, how they thought life should go, their opinions about food, religion, politics, and many other topics. We don’t have to do things the same way our parents did, we don’t have to fulfill their dreams or follow the same roads they chose. We are free to create our lives any way we desire but adopting a new lifestyle can be challenging. If we want our dreams to come true, we cannot allow fear of the unknown to hold us back. Nobody knows everything. There will always be uncertainty but we can manage it and move forward anywhere we want to go.

We aren’t like anyone else in the entire creation. We’re the only person exactly like us and we can express that individuality even if it’s different from those around us. Defining who we are and what we want is the first step toward a satisfying and contented life. We don’t have to wish for the lives we dream about. We can create them through careful planning and continued diligence. Everything is possible. Nothing is out of reach and we can do anything we truly desire.

Today decide what you want most in your life. Define exactly where you want to go and what you want to achieve and then take the first step forward. You are powerful and wise and nothing is too far to reach. Every road is open to you and success is possible. Choose your future and start walking toward it. You are amazing and strong, and every dream is there for you.

Outside Ourselves

14 Mar

Sometimes things go wrong, our life gets turned upside down, and we become stressed.  Maybe there’s too much going on we need to address, or the plans we made fell through and we’re struggling to find our way. Life isn’t always easy and sometimes the road gets rocky. We may feel overwhelmed, lost, scared, or exhausted as we try to navigate the situation, and the last thing we want is to face anything else. It may seem strange but the best thing to do at times like these is to reach outside ourselves and offer help to someone else. It’s virtually impossible to think about our problems when we’re doing something for others. We can’t be focused on what’s going wrong in our lives when we’re trying to help make something right for someone else. Taking the time to serve removes us from the things that are holding us down, and brings us comfort and peace. We can return to our issues later and they’ll still be there. But often if we take time out to serve, when we return to our problems they don’t seem quite so looming or difficult, and we find we can manage them a bit better.

It’s not possible to intensely ponder two situations at once. We can only carefully think about one at a time. If we’re stressed about something and turn our attention to someone else, they become our focus. It doesn’t matter what we do to serve, and there are limitless ways we can help out. For instance, imagine a friend needed food but had no way to get to the store and we offered to take them – it would be a great blessing. Personal service need not be extremely time consuming or difficult. We can do whatever is needed. And if we help, the other person isn’t the only one who benefits. We also receive blessings as we take a break from obsessing over our problems. It’s a win for both.

When we’re under water with an issue that’s concerning us, the last thing we want is more to do. We’re already busy and we have a lot on our minds. We may not think offering help to someone else will bring us respite, but that’s often what happens.  Serving others isn’t just another chore to accomplish. When we serve, we focus on something else, get closer to those around us, and build relationships. As we build friendships we learn more about ourselves. Those we help will trust us and feel our care. We all need each other. We’re connected to one another in ways we can’t always see.  When we’re wrapped up in our own lives we may forget that. Opening the door to service helps us remember. Nobody knows what the future will bring and life changes constantly. It’s possible that although we’re serving today, it may happen in the future that we’ll be the ones in need, and someone will help us.  It’s give and take each day of our lives.  The more we give, the more blessings we’ll take away.

Today if you’re overwhelmed with issues that are concerning and you feel stressed, look around and see where you can help someone else. Take a break from your pressures to serve. You’ll be amazed at how good you’ll feel and how refreshed you’ll be when you return. There isn’t anything you can’t handle. You have so much to offer. Offer it today.