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Slightly Committed

27 Feb

Life is filled with all kinds of opportunities and possibilities. We decide what we want to do, where we want to go and how we will live our lives. For some it’s enough to simply get by with whatever comes. Others strive for difficult, hard to reach goals that push them forward toward where they want to go. We’re all different but no matter what our goals are, we will only achieve them at the same level of our commitment. If we’re determined to succeed no matter what and continue pushing forward despite what may be in the way, we’ll likely reach success. However, if we’re only slightly interested in moving forward, chances are we’ll only be slightly successful. Our focus will often determine how close we get to the destination we desire. It’s easy to talk about what we want and dream our days away thinking “if only” this or that happened we would be happier. But talking and dreaming will do nothing to change our situation. Every option is always possible but it’s up to us to actively pursue what we want. Our dreams won’t happen just because we’re thinking about them. Every dream can come true, but nothing will change until we do what is needed to make it real. Every option is possible and if we commit ourselves to doing what is necessary to achieve them, we will succeed. Nothing is ever too far to reach. We can have the lives we want the most and reach every goal. The whole world is there for us and with focus and determination, we can make it ours.

It’s easy to complain when we aren’t happy with our lives. We can bemoan every missed opportunity, and every unlucky break. Life happens and we have little control over anything outside our personal choices. Things won’t always go our way, but no matter how many detours or roadblocks we must face, we’re in control of what we do next. We can always give up and resign ourselves to a life we don’t want, or we can make a plan to push ahead toward anything we choose. Complete happiness is always possible but we must make it happen. With commitment and focus we can achieve any goal we desire and live the lives we want the most.

It’s easy to live a common, mediocre life, but mediocrity keeps us from the intense happiness and satisfaction we gain from personal success. Nothing can compare to the gratification we feel when we’ve accomplished something extraordinary. When we’ve run a hard race and made it to the finish line, we’ll feel great pleasure and fulfillment. Those moments can change our lives and bring us unexpected rewards. We can push further and accomplish more than we think we can. Every dream is possible and with determination and focus we can make them all come true.

Today if there’s something you’ve been wanting but haven’t done anything to achieve it, make a plan to start. There isn’t anything you can’t do. Decide what you want the most and take the first step toward it. Be committed and create the life you want. Everything is possible. The world is filled with opportunities. Be confident and begin. All your dreams are achievable and nothing is out of reach. Everything is possible and you will succeed.

Batter’s Box

2 Dec

There are a lot of things we all want to do as our lives progress. We can’t possibly do them all at once but while we’re involved with other things we can prepare for what we want to do next. Getting ready to move forward will enable us to begin as soon as possible. Simply waiting for things to change will not bring success. If we don’t prepare for what’s coming, we may miss our opportunities when they appear. It’s like being in our own personal batter’s box ready to start when our time comes. In baseball, the batters warm up before the game and then sit waiting in the box to be called. When it’s their time, they step up confident and ready. We can be prepared for the next step in our lives as well, by planning ahead and being aware of where we are. Life belongs to those who take it. Sitting around and simply waiting for success will never work. We must be ready to move forward. We can plan for our futures today by doing what is needed to prepare for success and being ready when our opportunities arrive.

As we go through our busy lives it’s easy to get caught up in what we’re doing and set our future goals aside thinking we’ll get to them later. We’re busy and it’s hard to think about the things we want to do when we’re so wrapped up in what we’re doing now. The problem with setting goals aside when we’re busy is we’re always busy. Expecting the perfect moment to appear when we’ll have nothing to do but plan for our future is futile. There are few times in our lives when everything will be done. If we want to accomplish a goal, we must plan for it even when we’re actively engaged in other things. We can look at it, determine what we need to complete it, and with each passing day choose to do something to prepare for it. It takes conscious planning and thought to prepare for success but even when we’re busy we can find the time if we’re motivated enough. We can’t get more time into our days but we can manage our time to allow for what’s most important to us. Planning for success will help us achieve it. Achieving the goals we most want will bring happiness.

Coasting through our lives and simply managing what comes every day will keep us busy and involved. There will be countless complications, endless tasks to finish, and a continual list of things to do. Being busy allows us to get a lot of things done but if we aren’t directing our lives toward completing the goals we most want we won’t feel fulfilled and satisfied. If we want real happiness, it’s important to focus on what we most want to achieve. We can prepare and be ready for when we are able to move forward. Our lives belong to us. Planning for what we really want and then accomplishing it will bring us happiness and success.

Today if you’ve been busy and putting off something you really want to do, think about how you can prepare to accomplish it. Plan for success going forward and lay the groundwork for your future. You’ll be ready when the time is right. You have everything you need to do anything you want. Get ready, get set, and when it’s time, go forward.

Done Deal

8 Apr

We do a lot of things every day. We try new things, start new projects, begin on a new path, and continue on. There are endless things to learn and do. We can tackle any challenge we want to and we can succeed. But sometimes we don’t finish what we start. Maybe the project ended up taking more time than we planned on, or maybe it turned out to be more complicated or expensive than we wanted. When we don’t finish things and don’t let them go, they hang around on the periphery of our lives. Maybe we stuff them in a closet and although ignore them, see them every day. Maybe we put them in a drawer and try to forget them, but we know they’re there. If we don’t plan to finish whatever we’ve been working on, and we want to move forward, we need to let them go. Otherwise, they will be a constant reminder of what we didn’t do. We don’t have to do anything we don’t want to, and if we’ve decided we’re not going to finish something it’s best to remove it completely. We can give it away, throw it away, erase it from our to-do list, forget it, and move on.

When we have unfinished business around us it can undermine our confidence. We may believe we should have done more to complete it or managed it better. Those thoughts can hold us back and we may struggle thinking we should try to work on it again. We can always go back to anything we’ve left behind but if we’ve decided we’re not going to do it, we can let it go. Moving forward is our privilege and we don’t have to focus on things that hold us back. We accomplish a lot of things well, and if we come upon something we can’t or don’t want to complete, we can move on. If it’s important enough to finish even when we don’t want to, we can do that as well. Either way it’s our choice, and we can make it.

If we are judicious in our decisions about what we will and won’t do, we’ll be more successful in completing the tasks we take on. We can’t do everything and promising to do more than we can will only lead to disappointment. We can take some time to evaluate what we realistically are able to do, and then decide from there. Making careful decisions about our time will enable us to find success. It’s easy to get carried away and agree to do more than we can. There are a lot of people in the world and sometimes it seems they all want something from us. But we’re in control of our lives and our time. If we know we won’t be able to finish something it’s best not to start. Leaving things unfinished again and again may impact our confidence. If we are wise and choose carefully, we’ll be more successful in completing the things we’ve chosen, and feel better about our accomplishments.

Today if you’ve got unfinished projects that are niggling at you, think about what you can realistically complete and let the rest go. You aren’t a failure for not finishing something. You are wise to manage your time. You know what you can and can’t do. Let go of the things you can’t, and you’ll be successful completing the things you can.