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Looking Closely

7 Jun

In our lives when things go wrong sometimes it’s because of the decisions of others or circumstances that evolve we can’t control. Sometimes it’s because we’re in the wrong place at the wrong time and sometimes it’s because of decisions we’ve made that have brought hardship to us. When we’re struggling and unhappy we may look for someone or something outside ourselves to blame but it’s important to also look closely at our personal decisions and see if they had an impact on our situation. There are always many influences around us that may coax us into making choices that take us away from where we want to be. Those choices may bring us hardship and discomfort. We own our lives and can make them any way we want them and every decision we make can either take us to the goals we seek and bring us happiness or push us further away down a road we don’t want to travel. When we’re on the wrong road we may feel unhappy and unsettled but it’s always in our power to change course and align our way forward to where we most want to go. We all experience hardship from time to time and when it comes it’s important to look closely at why we’re struggling. If we need to change direction we can. If we need to change our focus we can. We deserve every happiness and we can have it if we choose the paths that are best for us personally and what we truly want.

It’s easy to coast through our lives and simply do what others expect of us, ignoring our personal desires and get through our days with minimal effort. We can live in a dream state for as long as we wish, going through the motions and acting like we’re happy. True happiness doesn’t just come to us. We must work for it and direct our lives toward it. It requires us to determine what we really want and then do what is needed to gain it. We already know what we want most and have everything we need to achieve it. If we apply ourselves to gaining our personal goals we can do amazing things and reach every destination we desire.

Lots of people have lots of ideas about how life should be lived. We all have personal opinions about how things should be done and where we should go. If we allow others to choose our paths going forward we will get the lives they design for us and not the lives we want for ourselves. It’s impossible to be truly happy living someone else’s version of our lives. We have all the wisdom and confidence we need to choose what is best for us and determine our personal destiny. We know ourselves perfectly and can decide what we want to do and where we want to go. When we take control of our decisions we can accomplish every goal we set out to achieve and find real and lasting success.

Today if you’ve been going along with what others feel is best for you, think about what you want most in your life. Look at your choices closely and decide how you want to go forward. Be yourself and choose your own way. Your life will be exactly how you want it and you will find real and lasting happiness.

Closed Doors

24 Mar

“When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us.”  Helen Keller

Disappointment and happiness are a part of every life.  Sometimes things go well and we find happiness.  Other times things go another way and we feel loss.  There is no one perfect way to live life and we take what comes to us.  We can create our own happiness but there may be times when we may feel lost, sad, scared, or frustrated.  If we focus on them and what has gone wrong it may be difficult to see the possibilities of what could go right.  There are many doors we’ll face as we go through our lives.  If we stand staring at those that are closed we may get stuck considering what might have been and be unable to move forward.  It’s fine to consider our disappointments and it’s wise to learn from them, but we can also change our focus and look in new directions.  The whole world is available to us.  We can do anything we want to do.  A setback may be difficult to face but it’s never the end of the road, and there are countless roads we may travel.  We can look up and we can look around, evaluate all the options possible and choose another direction.  There isn’t anything we can’t do and nowhere we can’t go.  Everything is possible but it will only be possible when we decide to keep moving.  If we need time to grieve we can take it.  And then when we’re ready we can begin again.

No matter how many things may have gone wrong or how discouraged we may feel, tomorrow will be the chance to start again.  The sun will rise and as a new day begins we can choose a new plan.  There is nothing powerful enough to keep us in place when we are motivated to change.  All we need is to decide where we want to go and what we want to do and then begin forward to accomplish the goal.  We are in control of our lives and no matter what comes we can decide what we will do.  We don’t need permission to design the lives we want.  We need only decide.

When we face great disappointment we may need time to determine what we want to do next.  Wrapping paper comes in all kinds of colors and designs.  If we’ve wrapped our future up in a plan that fails we can unwrap it and start again.  We can redesign where we want to go and how we want to get there.  There is never only one road to any destination.  We can choose another path and find another way forward.  We can do anything.  We don’t have to focus forever on what has gone wrong.  We can see the disappointment, process what we’ve learned and start over.  Life is long and we have unlimited chances to do all the things we want to do.

Today if you’re facing a door that has closed and you’re disappointed, look around.  There are other doors waiting for you.  Open them all and find what you’re looking for.  You can do anything you want to do.  Keep moving forward.  All your dreams are there waiting to come true.

New Roads

20 Oct

As we go through our lives we attend to many things. We may have a family, a career, a business, and plans for the future, and many of us stay quite busy. Sometimes as we grow and change we find the life we’re living isn’t bringing us the happiness we desire. Maybe our dreams have changed. Maybe our situation has made things different. Maybe we’re bored and want to try something new. We may decide to completely change our direction in order to be happy. We may turn all the way around and go another way on a new road. We can certainly change anything in our lives but turning our course takes determination and resolve. New roads are uncharted territory. We have no idea what lies ahead but there is nothing we can’t face and overcome and if we want a change we can surely have it. We can turn and reroute our lives in a new direction. If we do, those around us may not understand our decision and may try to dissuade us. It’s easier to keep things as they are and many people prefer the status quo. But we don’t need anyone’s permission or approval to make personal decisions in our lives. If we want to go another way, we can.

When we’re young we have all kinds of dreams about how our lives will go. Many of those dreams fade as we grow into adulthood and hear again and again that we should be sensible and think of the future. It’s wise to plan for the future and using common sense is in our best interest. We may follow everyone else’s advice about what we should do and where we should go. But if we want something different and we don’t feel like those plans fit, we can change and go another way. Even if we’ve been on the same road for years, and even if everyone thinks we’re doing great, if we aren’t truly happy we can change. We are in control of our lives and deserve to be happy. Choosing a road that will bring happiness is up to us.

Sometimes the life we want most doesn’t look like the regular plan, or is different than what others think we need. It really doesn’t matter what everyone else thinks our lives should look like. What matters is that we live our lives our own way. We all deserve to be truly happy and we can only achieve that if we are true to ourselves. Our dreams and desires are unique to each of us and we are entitled to them even if they don’t fit the norm. We can take another road at any time. Every moment is precious and we can make the most of them by being true to who we are and what we want. Our lives belong to us and we may design them any way we choose. We can do things our way and we can be happy. It doesn’t matter how long we’ve traveled the road we’re on. If we want to turn and try a new one, we can.

Today if you feel like you’re on the wrong road and want a change you can choose a new direction. You can do anything you want. You have all the wisdom you need to make the best choices going forward. You deserve complete happiness. Find the road that will bring it to you and begin the journey.

How We Get There

12 Jul

As we go through our lives we make millions of decisions and choose which way we want to go. We have goals we want to achieve and destinations to find. There are countless ways to get anywhere we want to go and do the things we want to do. We can take a paved road that has been traveled many times, we can choose our own road, or we can create a combination of the two. We can be honest as we move along or we can choose to break every rule in order to get to the end. It’s all up to us. But the choices we make along the way matter. It matters how we get there. Every choice changes us in some way. If we continually choose with honesty and integrity, those attributes will be reflected in our personalities. Conversely, if we choose to storm through, with no thought to whom we hurt along the way and only see ourselves, that too will be reflected in who we are. Every step we take changes us in some way. It’s important to make sure the steps we choose reflect who we most want to be.

Sometimes if we want something very badly we might decide to compromise our values in order to move forward. We might cheat a little, or manipulate the situation by saying things that aren’t completely true, or we might cut a corner that leaves someone out. It’s possible those tactics may move us forward more quickly but the cost will be high. Cheating may bring us a desired result but it won’t be because we earned it. Dishonesty may help us skip a few steps but the lies will follow us for the rest of our lives. And sometimes the person we push out of the way in our effort to move forward may be the only one who can open the door when we arrive at the destination. Compromising our values to achieve any goal will hurt us in the end. We know what’s best for us and there is no goal or destination worth deserting who we are to get to it.

We can choose our own paths and don’t have to take roads that have been designed by others. We don’t have to follow the norm just because it’s the way things have been done. We can create a new road and go our own way. There may be some who will tell us it can’t be done, or others who protest because what we’re doing doesn’t match their paradigm for how things should work, but we can still do it our way. Nobody knows what works for us better than we do. We can find our own way, even in the dark if we have to. We can design a new road, and still get to the goal. If we want to follow the proven path we can. But we have everything we need to create a new road. We can succeed at anything we choose. We can find our way to any destination and we can do it honestly and with grace never forgetting who we are.

Today if you’ve been trying to get to a goal but the paved road isn’t working for you, start a new path. Be honest and clear in your dealings and make every turn authentically yours. You have everything you need to succeed. Choose a road that reflects who you are. Make the journey valiant. The goal is worth your best efforts. Give your very best and you’ll get to the end with honor.

One of a Kind

10 Jun

There are about 10,000 species of birds on our planet, and over 2500 different types of butterflies. There are millions of different animals, and countless varieties of insects, and bugs. The variety in the wildlife kingdom is astounding. It’s amazing to think of the vast array of living things that inhabit our planet. Even the ordinary dog encompasses hundreds of different breeds. And they are all unique – every one of them.

This earth is an amazing place. If we traveled to every location on the planet we would see unique, and interesting animals at each stop. They come in every color imaginable, in every shape, and in every design we could possibly dream up. There are so many different kinds of creatures, there are limitless designs, and each one is unique unto itself. It’s amazing really. But that’s not the most impressive thing about living here on earth. The most impressive part is that there are over seven BILLION people here with us. They come is all colors as well, each fascinating in his or her own way, each perfectly unique, and one of a kind. Billions of us. And, just like the other creatures inhabiting our planet, there is nothing common or ordinary about us. Not one single person is exactly like the other. No matter where we go, we will never find anyone else exactly like us.

All of these differences are a great blessing to us. Imagine what it would be like if all the animals were the same. Only one kind of mammal, one kind of bird, one kind of butterfly, and so on. And then imagine we were all the same. We all looked exactly alike, our personalities were the same, and everything about us mirrored the person beside us. It would be so boring! I’ve heard people say, “If everyone would just do things my way, it would be so much easier.” And it might be. Although our differences can sometimes bring us disagreement, and conflict, those differences are sacred. They make us who we are. They give life depth, and meaning. There are so many varieties of people, how we look, how we speak, how we dress, and how we act. And all those varieties make all the difference.

Today, no matter where you live, as you walk or ride from place to place, look around. Look at whatever animals are around, and notice their uniqueness. Then look around at all the people, and see how amazingly different they are. Feel the pleasure that comes as you notice their individuality. And remember that you are amazing, and unique to others. You are perfectly filling the space you were created for. You are special. The world is different because you are here. There is nobody else like you. You’re exactly as you should be. You are one of a kind. And that’s a perfect design.