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22 Nov

When we know where we want to go and have a plan to get there, we may make the goal a priority and begin to move toward it.  When things go the way we’ve planned we may make excellent progress but if something gets in the way, or some complication arises that makes it hard to push ahead, we may have to stop for a time and rethink our next move.  Life is unpredictable and there are many people around us making decisions that may impact our choices.  Trying to walk forward through a strong wind is hard and taking each step may be difficult.  If we don’t bend forward against the gusts we may fall backward.  Learning to bend into trouble will help us progress.  It seems counterproductive to think about leaning into something that is causing distress but when we do we can hear more clearly and see things we might miss otherwise.  If someone does something that prevents us from getting to our goal we can fight against them and try to make them change and do things our way.  Or we can step closer to them and try to see things from their perspective to find an easier road.  Everyone has their own ideas about how things should go and there will be times when our ideas will be in conflict with others.  It doesn’t necessarily mean anyone is wrong.  It only means we are different.  We can learn to bend a little away from the plans we’ve made and adjust our direction so we can continue to move forward.  There are countless ways to succeed in every endeavor.  We can be flexible and willing to listen to alternate ideas and then if we need to, create a new road that will take us where we want to go.  We can do anything.  Learning to bend will help us find success.

As children we learned the patterns of our families and may adopt those same patterns into our lives as adults.  What is comfortable for us may be foreign to someone else.  When we must work together those differences may bring contention as everyone campaigns for their own way.  Although every choice may have value they don’t have to stand alone to be effective.  We can allow other interpretations to blend with ours and combine ideas to find the best decisions.  We can’t make cookies using only flour.  We must bring all the different ingredients together to create the best result.

In some situations it’s impossible to bend and find success.  If we’re dealing with laws and regulations that cannot be broken without serious consequences we can find the way forward while still honoring them.  We can be true to the things we value most and still work within any bounds we must.  There are infinite ways to accomplish any task.  We are wise and creative enough to find the way forward.  We can bend when possible and hold fast when we must, and still find success.  We can do anything.  Nothing is beyond our grasp.

Today if you’ve decided how you want to move forward but something is standing in your way, look carefully and find a way around it.  You can go anywhere you want to go.  There isn’t anything strong enough or complex enough to hold you in place.  Be flexible and willing to bend, and every success will be there for you.

In the Mix

13 Sep

There are a lot of differences in the people of the world. They are different everywhere we go. In some places they look like us, in other places they don’t. Customs vary widely and what to us may seem strange may be commonplace for someone else. In our very mobile society, people continually move from place to place, from country to country, even continent to continent. This mobility has created a lot of diversity in many places, and although it’s fun to learn new things about new people, when we first meet, it can be hard to understand them. Some of us are afraid of the differences, and some of us are excited by them. Either way the differences exist, and it’s up to us to accept them.

If we come from a place that is somewhat isolated, and if we’ve lived there for a long time, it may be harder for us to understand those that are very different from us. We may be nervous about the disparity in customs, the challenge of language barriers, and our lack of knowledge of their beliefs. But if we take the chance to get to know them, we will find that most of us are basically the same despite all the differences. We all want to be happy, and safe, and we all want our beliefs to be respected. If we focus on the basic needs we all share, we can broach the differences, and make them a compliment to the relationship, and not a hindrance.

If we live in a big metropolitan area, where there are, and always have been, people from around the world, it may be second nature to accept differences. But even then, we may have to overcome perceptions and prejudices, ideas about certain groups, and uncertainty about how to communicate. But if we try to see each person as an individual, extend the hand of friendship and try to understand their perspective, we can make friends with everyone. Most of us want to be loved. We want others to like us and we want to get along peacefully. Of course there will always be some who prefer tension and trouble, but most of us want to be friends. Embrace that and trust in it. It takes all kinds of ingredients to make a delicious cookie. It’s not all flour or sugar, and we need all the ingredients to combine and cooperate to have success. It’s the same with people. When everyone is just like us, it may be comfortable. But it’s far more exciting to have others in the mix who bring the richness of difference, and the enhancement of diversity.

Today if you have the opportunity to meet and interact with someone who is very different from you, be open and welcoming. They are probably as nervous about the differences as you are. Extend your friendship and get to know them. You will find your life will be richer, and you’ll have a better understanding of the world. Life is all about difference, but we all share the important things. Make friends and learn something new. You’ll be wiser for the experience.