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Stopping Short

6 Sep

We can do anything we like as we go through our lives. We can achieve the goals we desire and go anywhere we choose. Some things come easily and we hardly notice the effort it takes to move forward, but others take work and considerable time and patience to reach success. If we’re willing to push through whatever happens in order to achieve a goal, nothing will keep us from it. But sometimes we may get sidetracked because it’s difficult to continue forward, and if there have been many complications and detours, we may stop short of the end and quit. We can decide on another road at any time but if we’re giving up because the way ahead is hard and difficult, we will never gain the life we want the most. Our lives are always in our control and we can make all our dreams a reality but nothing is going to simply fall into our laps without effort. Everything we want is possible, but it’s not going to appear just because we desire it. We must be willing to do what is required to achieve it. Dreaming about how things could be is a nice diversion, but it will never make it a reality. Every goal and every destination are possible, but we have to do the work necessary to achieve them. Nothing is out of reach. We already possess everything we need to win. We can move forward with confidence and reach the destinations we desire most. We can have the lives we want and make all our dreams reality.

When a baseball player hits the ball and begins to run toward home, everyone on the other team will be determined to stop him. If he focuses on their efforts instead of the goal ahead, and believes they might prevent him from winning, he could stop short of the goal and quit. We might feel that way when we’re trying to accomplish something big. It might seem everything is working against us. Some goals are hard to reach but one thing is certain, quitting is the only guarantee of failure. It doesn’t matter what the odds are or how difficult the road may get. We can always succeed and reach any goal we desire.

Sometimes we may start out toward something we believe we want but as we push forward and get closer to it, see it isn’t exactly what we were hoping for. We never have to continue forward on a road we no longer desire. If we’ve changed or our situation has changed and we want something else, we can turn our course and move in a new direction. There is no shame or dishonor in changing our minds. We deserve the lives we want, and can design them any way we choose. We can decide where we want to go and achieve any goal before us.

Today if you’ve been pushing through obstacles and problems to achieve something and are tired of the struggle, stop and decide what you want. If the goal is still important, take another look and find the best way forward. If you’ve changed your mind and want something different, redirect your course and start again. Your life is precious and valuable, and you deserve complete happiness. Step forward toward what you want the most, and make your dreams come true. Nothing is out of reach and you will succeed.

Not Happening

24 May

There are times in everyone’s life when we want something very much. If it’s something we feel would be good for us, something that would make us happy, something that would make our lives better, we hope for it. We yearn for it, think about it, wait for it, and pray for it. But sometimes the thing we really want doesn’t come. No matter what we do, it’s just not in the cards for us. We try changing the plan, and that doesn’t work. We try changing our focus, and that doesn’t work. No matter what we do, we can’t get to where we want to be.

It’s very hard to accept not being able to have something we want very much. If it’s something we believed we would achieve, it’s very hard to let it go. But this life is full of twists and turns, and sometimes the road doesn’t take us where we thought we were headed. Sometimes the destination isn’t what we planned on.

How can we accept no for an answer? How can we let go of something we want so badly? How do we handle the disappointment? If we’ve done all we could do, and still the plan didn’t work, what do we do now? How do we go forward?

If you hold a baseball in your hand, all five fingers encircling it, you have it securely. You won’t drop it. If you lift one finger, you can still hold it. The same is true if you lift two fingers, even three – you can still hold onto the ball with the remaining two. But once you lift the fourth finger, the ball will teeter and fall. Having a dream we really want is like holding onto the baseball. When we’re trying to adjust to a big change, a big disappointment, it’s like letting the ball fall. It’s not easy to just let the hope go, we’ve held it for too long. But if we lift one finger at a time, just ease into the release, we can let go of the yearning, and the disappointment. One step at at time, we can go on.

We all have things we want in our lives – good things, things we feel we deserve, things that would be beneficial for us. But sometimes the answer is no. Sometimes the timing is wrong. Sometimes what we think is best for us isn’t where life takes us. It’s hard to let go of the desire for something we’ve wanted so badly. We have to accept the disappointment gradually – let the dream go, one finger at a time.

Today if you realize that something you’ve wanted for so long isn’t going to happen, if you are stung with the understanding that it’s just not going to work, it’s okay. It just means the path is a little different than you thought it would be. Good things will still come to you – they’ll just be a a little different than you thought they would be. Life is all about adapting, accepting change, and learning to adjust. Start again. This is just a step. The road is long. There will be more dreams, and many of them will come true.