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11 Oct

Conflict is a normal part of life. We’re all different and our ideas about how things should go are specific to our own experiences and desires. Although we may agree with others on some things, there will likely be times when what we want is in direct opposition to the thoughts of those around us. If the decision doesn’t impact us or have a lasting affect on our lives, we may politely disagree and let it go. But if it has a big influence over what we’re doing or stops us from where we want to go, we may get into an intense situation as we push for our views to be accepted and refuse to move toward the other side. Severe disagreement may create anger that might overtake us if we aren’t careful. We may become completely undone and lose control if the issue is extremely important to us and we cannot abide the idea of letting it go. Unfortunately, if anger takes over we may act out in ways that deteriorate the discussion and lose our ability to convince the other side to consider our viewpoint. It can be hard to be calm when we feel we’re losing something very important. It can be hard to listen to the other side and try to understand their position. But ranting and raving, raising our voices or in other ways impacting the situation negatively will never get us what we want. It’s impossible to bring others over to our side by making them feel bad. We are always in control of our behavior – good or bad. When we’re facing difficult situations and feel our emotions start to rise, we can step back and take an objective view of things. There are always possible compromises and if we keep our heads we’ll find them. We can achieve any goal we desire by staying focused and work through any complications that arise. Everything is possible if we are willing to find the way through.

Some people love to argue. They like the intensity of heated discussion and the chance to prove they are right, no matter what the issue is. Arguing for the sake of arguing rarely brings any benefit to those involved. Plenty of conflict will present itself without trying to invent more. It’s better to diffuse it when we it arises and find a way forward that includes everyone’s input. There are always many ways to do anything and we can find an inclusive and supportive road going forward.

There will be times when no matter what we say or how convincing we are, we will not get our way. We may have to change our focus and do things differently than we prefer. Being flexible and willing to go another way takes patience and self-control. Although we may not be on the road we want, we are creative enough to find our way forward. There are endless roads to every destination and we can find our way ahead even if we must take a detour to get there.

Today if you’re in a situation that feels impossible and you’re in opposition to what you’re being asked, try to be flexible and find a compromise that will work. There are endless possibilities available and you’ll find one that fits. Be patient with compromise and keep your eyes focused on your goals. Everything is possible and you will reach the destination you seek.


Different Versions

22 Oct

There are a lot of various situations in our lives, and in each experience we react in a different way. Sometimes we’re having fun and it’s easy to play along. Other times we have to think about a situation to figure out how to navigate it. And sometimes, we may have no idea how to react to something that catches us off guard. While we’re always the same person, different versions of our personality come into play depending on what we’re going through. We have a lot of reactions, expressions, emotions, and displays of affection we draw from every day. We try to always be the best version of ourselves, and often we’re successful. But if the situation really pushes our buttons, the version we display may not be the one that shows our best attributes.

Everyone gets angry from time to time and people disagree. It’s hard to trust those who say they never argue or fight with others. If that’s the case, it seems they either have no opinions that are important to them, or they just go along with whatever is happening. Of course, there are a few who are so evolved they are able to navigate any situation without disharmony, but that is rare. We are all individuals and nobody is exactly like us, so it’s likely we’ll have disagreements with others now and again. When we get upset and something really bothers us, if we jump on it instead of taking a breath and taking time to collect our thoughts, we might say something rude or act out in a way that doesn’t work in our favor. When our emotions are high and we’re angry, if we want the best version of ourselves to come forward, it’s wise to step away for a time until we feel in control.

Defining who we really are, and what we really want takes time. We have to decide what we really believe in, and what defines us. If we are easily influenced by others and impressed by trends, we may just go along and mimic those around us. If we’re timid and shy, instead of expressing ourselves we may choose to be quiet and try to blend in. But determining who we are is important and although others may tell us who they think we are, it’s up to us to decide what’s right. Once we determine what we believe, what we want, and who we are, we can live our lives according to those dictates. We can hold fast to things that are important to us, and be exactly the way we choose. The best version of us is always the honest one. If we live true to who we really are we’ll be happy, and if we stay true to our principles, we’ll be trusted and respected. We can offer our best every day, and we can do it our way.

Today if you’re being pulled one way and another, if you’re being influenced and feel confused or conflicted, think about yourself. Be honest and present who you really are to those around you. You are perfect just as you are. You are unique and valuable. The world is a better place because you’re here. The real you is your best version. Be confident in sharing that.