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The Boomerang Effect

4 Jun

Isaac Newton’s third law of physics says that for every action, there is an equal or opposite reaction. Since we are part of the physical world, this applies to us. Whatever we send out, will return back an equal or opposite response. We act, and then others react in some way. Often people return back to us the same sort of behaviors we give to them. Sometimes we get an opposite return, but often our actions are mirrored in others’ responses to us. No matter which way it goes, we will get a reaction of some sort. The question is – will it be the reaction we were hoping for?

Not only do others react to what we do, but we react to our own actions as well. For instance, say we don’t sleep well and when it’s time to get up, we feel tired and cranky. We don’t put our best foot forward during the day because we feel off. We are short with those around us, and don’t go out of our way to be helpful. We keep to ourselves, and mope. At the end of the day will we feel happier or more out of sorts because of these choices? What reaction will we have to our own actions?

And the same is true in our relationships with others. If we treat them with care and concern, chances are the returning reactions will be positive. However, if we neglect them or abuse them, the response will probably be much different. If we are rude and mean to those we encounter, they may respond the same way back to us. But if we are polite and gracious, the very same people will often react more positively. Everything we do, everything we say, elicits a response. When those responses bounce back to us, how will they look? A lot depends on what we sent out to begin with.

Newton was clear – for every action there will be an equal or opposite reaction. Today if you’re not getting the reactions you want, before you start analyzing why people aren’t responding the way you had hoped, first look at your initial actions. Do you need to modify them to get the response you want in return? If you’re getting the opposite of what you want, it may be time to change what you’re sending out. It may be time to revise your behavior. Like in volleyball, before you send the ball over, you want to make sure your serve will get the best bounce back. Otherwise, you might get a spike you weren’t planning on. And nobody wants that.



26 May

I took a walk outside today, and as I walked I noticed all the many different green leaves on the trees. There were dark green ones, light green ones, some that looked bright, some that were dull, and the new ones were almost fluorescent. It really is amazing the number of greens there are in nature. There isn’t just one generic green – there are dozens and dozens of shades and hues. And incredibly, they all seem to match.

As I walked along I also noticed many flowers in all their glory. There were roses in several different shades of pinks, reds, yellows and whites, pansies in purple and gold, petunias in every color imaginable, and delightful tiny blue phlox. There were more colors, and more flowers, than I can possibly name, and I was just walking through the neighborhood.

As I ran around completing my errands later, I looked up at the sky. We have a storm rolling in so there was a bright blue background with enormous fluffy white clouds, backed up against a menacing gray that crept closer and closer. And not just one dark gray, but many different shades. I marveled at the range of colors in the sky, and I thought of how many times I hadn’t looked up and noticed. And I realized what a blessing color is our lives.

We take a lot for granted here on planet earth. Every single morning, without fail, the sun rises in the east. If you’re lucky enough to watch it, you may see a dazzling kaleidoscope of colors. Reds, yellows, and oranges bursting forth on a background of pristine blue. And every single evening, without fail, the sun goes down, and again puts on a glorious show filled with incredible colors. This happens all the time. And each time it’s amazing.

And then there is the miracle of the prism that brings us those delightful rainbows we all love to see. I saw a double rainbow last month. I couldn’t take my eyes off it. It was beautiful. Completely beautiful. The arches were perfectly matched. The colors were intense and gorgeous, and I was spellbound. Such an amazing sight resting there above us, quietly waiting to be seen.

Color – something we see every day, and take for granted. But color is a miraculous blessing to us all. Think about it – what if everything was just differing levels of gray. The world would look completely different, and it would be much less joyful to be outside. But it isn’t gray. It’s filled with glorious, perfect, beautiful, amazing colors. So many colors, it’s impossible to name them all. So many shades, so many hues, so many wonderful differences. It’s amazing.

Today as you go about your life, look around. Look at the miracles around you. Marvel at the glorious colors provided for you here on earth. Take it all in. It blesses our lives in many ways. Do you have a favorite color? Today, while you’re running around, see if you can find it. I bet you will!