Acorns and Oak Trees

15 Mar

Most of us have seen acorns on the ground. If we live in areas where there are a lot of oak trees, in autumn they may be everywhere. After they fall we may rake big piles of them, but the ones we miss may get buried in the ground and become oak trees. An oak tree can grow to be enormous, and its wood is strong and durable. When we look at a full grown tree, it’s hard to imagine that a small, little acorn could have produced it simply by being buried and taking its time. There are endless things we can do in our lives, unlimited places we could go and many goals we may achieve. At the beginning, some things may seem too hard, too complex or too difficult for us to consider, but if we are determined, like the tiny acorn, we can do something big. Trees aren’t formed overnight. They grow one cell and one layer at a time. It’s the same for us. We can do anything if we take things in small bites and build as we go. There is no rush to reach success. We can take our time, look at everything objectively, and move ahead step by step. Life is constantly changing and with each development we can adjust our trajectory to stay on track and keep moving forward. When we want something badly, it’s hard to be patient, but not everything will come easily. By building one layer at a time, and keeping our eyes focused on the road ahead, every destination we desire is within reach. We are capable of accomplishing anything. We can be confident of success if we’re willing to do what is necessary to make it ours. Every dream is possible, and we can have the lives we want the most.

It would be so great if all we had to do to change our lives was make a wish. We could wake up in the morning ten pounds lighter, our jobs could magically become fulfilling and rewarding, and our bank accounts would be filled with cash. Yes, that would be amazing, but since nobody actually lives in fantasyland that isn’t going to happen. If we want something different we have to do something different. Change is always possible but will only come with effort. Nobody is going to show up and fix everything we don’t like. It’s up to us to design our lives the way we want them. Nothing is out of reach, and when we’re ready, we have what we need to make our dreams come true.

Some people don’t like change and want to keep everything exactly as it is. If we need their agreement to do something, and they refuse to budge, we may feel stuck. What we want may not be possible right now, but life is constantly changing and there are many roads and endless ways to reach any destination. If one avenue is blocked we can go around another way. If we must wait, we can work on something else that moves us forward. We are creative enough to find the answers we need that move us closer to the destinations we want the most.

Today if you want a change but it seems too hard to achieve, trust yourself. Remember the acorn, and take the first step forward. There isn’t anything you can’t do, and with patience and focus, every goal is possible. You are smarter and stronger than you think you are, and nothing is out of reach. Be confident and stand firm. Your dreams are possible, and you will achieve them all.

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