Smarty Pants

3 Oct

We all have different kinds of intellectual gifts. Some people are very precise and detail oriented, noticing every tiny item, and nuance. Others have a more common-sense ability that allows them to see things simply and clearly. We’re all different and each have our own gifts to offer. If we value information, we may seek advanced education to help us understand more. Education and intellectual prowess are wonderful attributes to pursue, but they don’t always increase our ability to use wisdom in our reasoning. Intellect and wisdom are two very different things. Intellect allows us to comprehend and understand facts and procedures easily. Wisdom is the ability to use our intellect in ways that are beneficial and helpful in moving us forward. We can gain millions of facts, and understand endless data, but if we aren’t wise, can still make poor decisions. Knowing how things work is one thing, but understanding how we can make them work for us is quite another. We’re in control of our lives and every decision, and if we make choices based only on facts and nothing else, we may not reach the conclusions we desire. Wisdom helps us to look at everything objectively, consider all possible influences and outcomes, and then choose the best road ahead. Everyone has the capability of being wise, and we can learn to make the best decisions possible. We have all the insight and intuition we need to comprehend even small implications. Our perceptions help us discern the best road ahead and comprehend the many possible outcomes of every choice. Success is there for us when we consider every aspect moving forward and we can choose well.

It’s possible to become arrogant and believe we have all the answers. If we won’t tolerate disagreement, we close doors that may be beneficial and helpful when making important decisions. Most of our decisions involve other people and how our choices impact them is important. By being open to every suggestion and idea, we will make the best choices, and reach the conclusions we desire.

Some things can’t be learned from schools or books. Life is filled with all kinds of developments and complications, and sometimes we must rely more on our sense of what’s right instead of what the facts say. We know what we want to do and where we want to go. We can see everything clearly and with patience and wisdom, make the best choices for our next steps. Every destination is within reach and we have everything we need to succeed. Nothing is impossible and with determination and focus we can achieve every goal and make our dreams come true.

Today if you’ve been relying on your intellect to move forward, remember there is more in play than facts. You have all the wisdom you need to discern the best road ahead. Success is always there for you. Look at everything clearly, decide what you want, and then step forward with confidence. You are strong and capable, and you will succeed.


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