Foreign Language

2 Oct

There are all kinds of people in the world. There are unlimited expressions, beliefs and lifestyles. The scope of our differences is vast and as we span the globe, we can see endless variations to the human experience. Even in our personal circle, there are many different interpretations and decisions being made. We’re all unique and individual, and entitled to our personal choices. Sometimes we meet people we quickly understand and feel a close affinity for. But other times we interact with those who are very different and we struggle to understand them. It may seem like they are speaking a foreign language. We can try to find common ground, and often we’ll discover something we share. However, there may be times when we’re so different, we can’t relate to them or discern their beliefs. We all have our own choices and decisions to make, and can create our lives any way we choose. We never have to fit a certain model or do things like others. However, even if we’re very different, we can find ways to communicate and interact with others that is mutually satisfying and beneficial. By accepting individual tastes and preferences, even if they are foreign to our own, we can open the door to effective communication that helps us get closer and find similarities we can relate to. We’re all individuals and it’s the variety that brings great enrichment. We can be confident in who we are and allow others to express themselves as they choose. Reaching out and accepting difference will bring great satisfaction and depth to our lives.

Learning a foreign language takes a lot of practice. At first, we may be intimidated by the enormity of trying to communicate in a completely new way, but with practice our confidence will grow, and if we stick with it, we’ll make what is foreign familiar, and gain fluency. The same is true when we’re interacting with someone who is completely different than we are. We may feel uncomfortable at the beginning, but as we talk to them and collaborate with them, we will begin to relax and understand them more easily.

If every flower on earth was yellow, the sameness may affect our attraction to them. When we do the same things every day, speak to the same people, and go to the same places, we may feel at ease expecting the same things again and again. But variety intensifies our interest and peaks our attention. Our lives are enriched and embellished when step onto new roads. Life is filled with possibilities and opportunities for growth and enrichment. We are wise enough, and brave enough, to embrace what is extraordinary and exceptional.

Today if you’ve been shying away from something foreign because you don’t understand it or are uncomfortable, remember what is foreign becomes familiar when we get involved. There is so much possible and you have unlimited potential. Open a new door, make a new friend, and embrace all the blessings possible. You are amazing and have so much to offer. We all want to know you. Share yourself with those around you, and show us who you are.


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