Looking Back

7 Jul

“True nobility lies in being superior to your former self.”  Ernest Hemingway

Life is a process of continual learning and every new situation brings with it parameters we must figure out and find our way through.  Sometimes we get the answers right the first time, and other times we may take a wrong turn that takes us somewhere we don’t want to go but teaches us something new.  There is no life manual with an answer key to help us through.  We find our way as we go step by step.  Sometimes our choices are complicated and take us through situations we’d rather avoid but each turn, right or wrong, gives us tools to go forward more effectively.  Constant change occurs not only in the world around us but within us and moves us a little further down the road to our destination.  As time passes we may look back at our former selves and the decisions we made.  Because we have additional wisdom and understanding we might wonder what we were thinking when we chose the wrong road.  But we are where we are at every moment.  If we do the best we can with each step, even if we falter, we will find the way ahead.  True nobility comes as we gain the attributes we desire most and continue to move forward.

There are moments in our lives that are nearly perfect.  Things go well and we are happy.  Those moments cannot last forever but while we’re in them we can’t imagine how things could go wrong.  But life is ever changing and nothing stays the same forever.  When our situations change and we face difficulty or challenges that feel beyond what we can manage we may lose our confidence in the future.  Even in our darkest hour when it seems nothing will go right we can have faith that things will change.  We are stronger than we think we are and there really isn’t anything so powerful that it will overcome us.  We can endure difficulty, even disaster, by taking it one step at a time.  Nothing can keep us from prevailing and as we struggle we gain strength and wisdom to take forward on the road ahead.

Looking back we may see decisions we made that cause shame and heartache.  We may struggle to forgive ourselves for choices that brought hardship to us or those around us.  Nothing can change the past and it’s better to see the situation as it is, accept the choice we made, and learn as much as possible from the experience.  Then we can let it go and move forward with renewed confidence carrying with us all the knowledge we’ve gained and increased insight for the road ahead.  Life is complex and nobody is perfect.  We will all falter at some point.  We may forgive ourselves and move forward with renewed confidence learning all we can from the past.

Today if you’re looking back and are disappointed in a decision you’ve made, learn all you can from the experience and let it go.  You are wiser now than you’ve ever been and you can make excellent decisions.  Leave the past behind and look ahead to the destination you seek.  There isn’t anything you can’t do and do well.  You have everything you need to succeed and find joy.

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