Waiting to Change

10 Mar

We all have things we do well.  We know what is easy for us and where we excel.  Sometimes there are things we need to change in order to move forward or to achieve something we really want.  If that includes something we don’t like or something we don’t know how to do we may hesitate.  Our behaviors and skills will never change on their own no matter how long we wait or how hard we wish.  If we want or need to change something in our lives we must actively engage in doing what is needed to bring it about.  That may mean venturing into areas we don’t know, or trying to do something that makes us uneasy.  We can change anything we want if we do what is needed, but nothing will change simply by waiting for it.  Our lives are ours to design any way we choose.  If we want to try something new or reach for something higher we may have to step into foreign territory.  But foreign things become familiar after we do them for a time and we can master any new behaviors we choose.  We can reach for the stars, go for our biggest dreams and become anything we decide we want to be.  We are capable of adapting and modifying ourselves at any time.  Change is always possible and we can make it happen if we are determined and continue toward it step by step.  There really isn’t anything we can’t accomplish if we want it badly enough.  We can step onto any path and find success.

It’s easy to sit and dream about what we want to do.  We can talk about it for years on end and hope our dreams will magically come true.  Thinking and talking will only take us so far and if we really want what we’ve been dreaming about we must take action.  Every accomplishment requires effort.  When we’re ready, we can look carefully at what we want to do and then make a plan to achieve it.  We may have to learn some new skills, we may have to step way out of our comfort zone, and it may take time to accomplish the goal, but if we really want it we can achieve it.  It’s great to have dreams but making them come true is what brings happiness.

Every road has a destination.  We know the roads we customarily travel and we know where they’ll take us.  If we stay on the same roads year after year we will only experience what they have to offer.  When we want something different we have to step away from the familiar and choose another path.  There is no way to reach a new destination by taking the same journey over and over again.  There is no limit to the things we can do or learn but change requires us to step away from the road we’re on to find it.  We have everything we need to find a new way forward.  We know what we want to do and where we want to go and we can make the choices needed to find success.

Today if you’ve decided you want to reach a goal and change your direction, take the first step on a new road.  You have everything you need to make any dream a reality.  Decide what you most want to do and then begin forward toward success.  There is nothing that will stop you and you will reach the goal.


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