Another Day

7 Mar

When we’re hoping for something or anticipating a change, and if we’ve been working hard to make it happen but are still waiting, it may be hard to be patient. Some things take a long time to arrive and if we’ve been waiting a long time it may seem as though they will never happen. Time takes a toll on us and we may become frustrated with the continual delay. If the change we’re seeking involves the decisions of others, they have control over the situation. If we must wait on them and they haven’t yet budged, waiting may become very difficult. If it becomes more than we want to deal with or we’ve decided we’ve had enough we may choose to let it go. If the change we are seeking is very important to us and we feel strongly about it becoming reality we might choose to wait a little longer. We can decide to wait just one more day. Just one day. We can choose to be patient for a little longer and go a little further. If we choose to give it one more day and still nothing changes, we may then decide how we want to proceed. We may wait one more day, every day, for a long time or we may let go of the plan. Our circumstances change continually and sometimes if we redirect our course we may be able to accomplish what we’ve been waiting for. Other times no matter what we do nothing changes. We can decide what we want to do and what is best for us. We can wait or we can go. Whatever we decide we will find our way forward.

The only person we have control over is ourselves. Sometimes we may influence those around us and if we’re very persuasive may convince them to do things our way. But everyone has the right to make their own decisions and if their decisions don’t agree with ours we may have to find other options. There are countless roads to every destination. We can accomplish anything we choose but we may need to revise our plans going forward to get to the goal. If we can’t get there now, we can set the goal aside for a time until our circumstances change and then try again. We don’t have to push constantly to win. We can revise our plans when needed and decide what will work best going forward.

Waiting for something we really want can be difficult. It’s hard to want something badly when there are obstacles in our way. If we have no control over what is needed to make things change and have done all we can to move forward, waiting may become a heavy burden. We can carry that burden for as long as we choose. We can wait indefinitely or we can decide to wait just one more day and then reconsider. We are in control of our lives and we deserve every happiness. If what we’ve been seeking hasn’t yet happened, we may continue to wait or we may consider other options. Either way, the choice is always ours.

Today if you’ve been waiting for something you really want and it hasn’t happened yet, decide how you want to go forward. You can wait another day or you can redirect your course. You deserve to be completely happy and have control over your life. Choose what will bring you the most joy going forward.

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