Time Out

3 Nov

When we’re children and get a little out of control, maybe get too rambunctious or have trouble getting along in a situation, sometimes we may be placed in time out. We may go somewhere away from others that is quiet where we can sit and think for a while until we feel more in control again. Time out can be a useful tool when things start to get too emotional or hectic and it’s helpful not only when we’re children but also when we’re adults. Many of us have very busy lives with lots to do. We have a lot of responsibility and taking time out may not occur to us even when we feel overwhelmed. Sometimes all we focus on is pushing forward and getting to the next task. We learn to deal with stress and juggle complications as they arrive. Although we may accomplish much the quality of our lives may not be as good as we would like. But we can be successful in getting our tasks completed and still take time for ourselves. We can set a few minutes aside, step away from our pressing concerns, and reset.

In this day and age of technology where we can constantly stream news from around the world it’s easy to get caught up in situations we can’t control. Information overload is an ongoing issue when so much information is so readily available. Although it’s possible to continually be exposed to what’s going on everywhere, there is often little we can do to change or assist in many situations. Everything we see, read, or hear stays with us as we move forward. If it causes sorrow, stress, or anger or impacts us negatively we must determine its value. If there is nothing we can do about what is happening, the information, while perhaps interesting and informative, serves little purpose. We may decide how much influence we want things that negatively impact us into our lives. We can take a time out from all the information available and instead choose to focus on what we can do here and now to make our lives better and impact the world for good.

Just because we can do something doesn’t necessarily mean we should do it. We have countless opportunities available to us every single day. There are things we want to do, things we must do, things we put off doing and limitless versions of each. Our lives are ours to direct and we may make any decisions we like. If we agree to do everything we are asked and strive to do everything we want, we may get overloaded. But we can take a time out. If we’re overextended, we can adjust our plans. If we’re exhausted, we can take a break. If we’re overwhelmed, we can re-evaluate and change going forward. We can step away from all the activity for a while, review objectively what’s happening, and make a workable and comfortable plan for the future. We deserve to be happy and in control of our lives. Taking a time out regularly to refocus will help us achieve that.

Today if you’re busy and pressed and feel things have gotten out of control, take a time out. Step away from the situation for a moment. You know how to make things work more easily for you. You have everything you need to succeed. Think about what you most want to accomplish and arrange things so you are comfortable and in control. You’ll be happier as you go forward and you’ll succeed

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