Always There

2 Aug

Nobody gets a perfect life where everything always goes right and each day is happy. There is conflict and struggle around us all the time. Sometimes our days are easy and go well, and other times they are heavy and difficult. There are times of trial and disappointment, sadness, sorrow, and pain. It’s a normal part of our experience here. When we’re trying to overcome something and life seems bleak, and when we feel our hope is fading and we aren’t sure we can survive, we can still find happiness. Peace is possible even when our circumstance isn’t peaceful. There is joy even when our lives are not joyful, and we can find hope even when it feels hopeless. Tomorrow will come and each day brings with it something new. Nothing stays the same forever. We have reserves of peace and joy and hope within us. Even in our darkest hours, we can find our way. There is greatness inside us and it carries with it everything we need to move forward no matter what is in our way. There isn’t anything we can’t do, and we can do it with confidence.

It would be nice if we could count on every day going well. It would be heaven on earth if trouble didn’t darken our path and sorrow never showed its face. But this life is filled with all kinds of problems. Although we don’t want trials to come to us, they will and when they do we will find our way through them. If they are extremely difficult we may struggle and feel overwhelmed. For a time, we may even believe we can’t survive them. But there really isn’t anything too strong or difficult for us to face. It may seem bleak, it may seem impossible, and we may struggle to find our way. The storm may rage but no storm lasts forever. In time, things will change. We’ll find our footing and the right road to walk. And once the problem is behind us we’ll have more experience and knowledge going forward.

Finding joy when our world is falling apart is possible. We can find it in small things – the blue sky, the sound of waves crashing on the shore, birdsong, the smell of baking bread or a thousand other things that lighten our load. Joy is always there waiting for us to embrace it. We can give it to ourselves and find peace even in trouble. Taking a moment for respite and seeking happiness when things are going wrong may not diminish the struggle, but it will make it easier to manage. Whatever is happening won’t last forever, it won’t destroy us, and we will prevail. Whatever we’re going through is just a bump in the road. It might be a big bump that takes time to get around or climb over, but in the end it’s just a bump. We are capable of facing anything and managing it well. We can find peace, and joy, and happiness. It’s already there inside us. We need only look inward and allow it to shine.

Today if you’re going through a difficult trial and you feel overcome, reach inside and find respite. You can do anything. This will not defeat you. You have everything you need to manage this well. You are strong and capable, and you deserve every happiness. Dig deep. Your joy is there.

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