Now or Never

1 Aug

Our lives are busy and our days are filled with things we need and want to do.  Time flies by and sometimes we get so busy and distracted we barely notice what’s right in front of us.  We’re focused on the next thing to do and the next place to go and we may be blind to what is happening now.  As each day passes it is gone forever and if we rush through our days without paying attention we will miss the chance to experience everything possible.  It’s easy to get caught up in what’s happening next and completely miss where we are now but where we are now is important.  We can take a moment to really see what’s happening, smell the fresh air, and listen to the sounds that surround us.  We can breathe in the experience of our present and live it fully.  There is so much to learn and see and do every day, and if we take the time to be in the moment, exactly where we are, our lives will be richer.

The only thing certain in life is change.  Nothing stays the same.  We can’t freeze any moment or experience, and we can’t stop time.  It’s ever moving forward to something else.  Our lives change constantly.  If we rush through our moments pressing forward we may accomplish many things, but if we don’t notice what’s happening along the way the experiences we miss may be gone forever.  The richness and depth of living fully in the moment blesses us in many ways.  We feel things more deeply, we see things more clearly, and we hear sounds we may miss in the rush.  The taste of food, the sights in nature, the smell of something wonderful, and sounds all around us may be overlooked as we hurry along.  But all those things and innumerable other experiences embellish our lives and bring joy.  If we concentrate on being in the moment, wherever we are, and being fully aware of everything around us our lives will be richer and more fulfilling.

We often have a lot to do, goals we want to achieve, places we want to go, people we want to see, and dozens of other activities.  All those things are important and we can strive to meet them.  But our lives are precious and fleeting.  Every moment we’re here we have the chance to experience something wonderful and we can recognize those opportunities more fully if we’re paying attention.  We can deepen our lives by looking around and experiencing everything where we are.  It only takes a second to look up.  Being in the moment and savoring it will bring us great joy.  This life is a tremendous gift.  Each day, and each moment is precious.  If we remember that and experience our days to the fullest, our experience here will be magnificent.

Today if you’ve been rushing around and hardly noticing what is happening as you press forward, look around.  Experience your moments fully.  There is so much around you that will bring you joy.  Take the time to notice where you are and what is happening.  You’ll be happier and more fulfilled as you go.

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