Here a Little

13 Jun

Life teaches us many things.  Sometimes we learn what we need right away and adjust our lives accordingly.  Other times the lessons take a long time to understand.  When we’re navigating change we may wish we could learn everything we need immediately and move on but it doesn’t always work that way.  Change is a process and doesn’t usually happen overnight.  We can’t see all the adjustments we need to make from where we are to where we want to be.  We have to grow into each step and as we do our vision is clarified for what’s next.  There is no way to see everything we need to do or all we need to learn going forward at the beginning.  We get a little here and a little there and piece by piece we gain the attributes we’re seeking.  Here a little and there a little will bring us success.  There may be times in our lives when everything changes all at once but those are very rare.  Generally we move forward inch by inch and as we do we learn everything we need to move forward confidently.

In our busy lives if we have a lot going on we often try to take the fastest routes possible.  We may try to do two things at once and call it multi-tasking although it’s been proven we really can only concentrate on one thing at a time.  But still we may try and although we’re moving forward, we may miss a step here and there.  When a lot is expected of us or we’re in a time crunch we might cut a corner to get to the finish line in time.  But the corners are there for a reason and sometimes when we cut them we miss an important part of what we’re trying to accomplish.  Going fast doesn’t always mean doing well.  Getting the job done is only one piece.  Getting it done well is what brings satisfaction.

When we try to learn something new we have to take it step by step.  If we’re learning to ski we don’t start on the expert run and hope we’ll learn how as we fly down the hill.  But if we want to learn something badly or we’re in a hurry to achieve the accomplishment we may feel impatient taking it step by step.  However if we want to learn the lesson well, whatever it is, step by step is the only way.  We can learn a little here, and as we move forward we’ll learn a little more.  Making the most of each turn, and seeing everything completely and openly will allow us to gain the most from what we’re experiencing.  We can climb every mountain, learn every lesson, and achieve every success little by little.  Learning our lessons well the first time prevents us from making mistakes and having to return to learn them again.  If we take the time needed to make the change well, we can move forward with confidence and completely integrate the change into our lives.  Here a little and there a little will bring success.

Today if you’re impatient with your progress and want to skip to the finish line, remember that each step along the way has something to teach you.  If you learn everything you can as you move along you’ll be successful in gaining the most from your experiences.  Learn all you can as you move forward.  Your understanding will be magnified and your growth will reflect that.

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