No Return

17 May

Sometimes things happen to us that are unfixable. Sometimes relationships end suddenly, sometimes we face a detour so extreme our lives are altered going forward, and sometimes everything we thought was real goes up in smoke. Some problems may alter our destination forever and break our momentum for a time. We can’t prevent all the bad things that may happen to us but we can get through whatever comes. But getting through a difficult development and trying to fix what’s been broken are two different things. There will be times in everyone’s life when something changes everything and there is no going back. We can never return to where we were. It can be hard to navigate times like those, and we have to take it step by step. Accepting what we thought we had or what we hoped we’d find will never come is very difficult. However, no matter how hard the situation is we can face it. No matter how complicated it becomes we can manage it. And no matter how devastated we feel, we will move through it. There isn’t anything strong enough to stop us forever. We may get stalled for a time but we will find our way again and figure out how to go forward.

Some people love surprises. The unexpected is delightful to them and they love the thrill of not knowing. For others, surprises are unpleasant and they prefer to know what’s happening and where they’re headed at all times. No matter what we like, unexpected bad news is never welcome. We all try our best to plan for happiness and peace as we move along, and when those plans work for us we feel content and settled. Things move along as we want them to and nobody is rocking the boat. But when the water gets high and suddenly the boat is leaking, it can fill quickly and leave us panicked trying to figure out what to do. There is no guarantee in anyone’s life that things will go well. We can plan, we can try, and we can do everything in our power to ensure a safe journey. When unexpected complications come we must find a way through them if we want to succeed.

When things go wrong and everything changes we can feel overwhelmed and lost, especially if the problem is serious and threatening. We can lose our footing and feel like we’re going under. We may need time to find our way again, and we may need to change things in our lives in order to move forward. There is nothing wrong with modifying our plans but that can be painful and the pain can paralyze us. If we remember this is just a passage and not a destination, we will find more confidence to move forward. Nothing is permanent in our lives. Everything changes and no matter what problems we’re facing, no matter how invasive and frightening they are, they will not last forever. We will move through them and they will pass. We have all the courage we need to face anything and all the inspiration we need to find our way. We can keep moving forward even if our destination has changed. We can slog through the deep mud and find our way back to solid ground.

Today if you’re facing a serious setback or a complication that has changed where you’re headed, have faith. You will find your way. The road is still there beneath your feet. You can keep walking forward. Turn a little and adjust your course. You have everything you need to conquer whatever you’re facing. There is nothing too big for you to handle. Keep moving forward. The answers are there and you’ll find them.

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