Owning the Future

1 Apr

Each day of our lives brings challenges and blessings.  We never know what will come and most of us try to do our best in every situation.  We live in the present and although we think about our futures and even plan for them, there is no way to tell how they will actually come to pass.  However, our decisions can impact what our futures look like.  Whatever roads we choose, wherever they lead, if we stay on them we have no choice but to arrive at their destination.  If we’re on a path that will take us to a place we don’t want to go, we can change our course.  If we do nothing, make no pro-active decisions but just let things roll out on their own, and allow others to decide where we’re headed, we may end up with a future that isn’t anything like the one we want.  We can’t control everything but if we do our best to direct our lives we have a better shot at finding happiness.  If we want to own our futures we have to pay attention.  We have make sure we’re going where we want to go and if not, change our direction.  The future will come no matter what we do.  But if we leave it to chance, we may not end up where we want to be.

Every choice has a result.  If we choose thoughtfully how we live our lives, the result will likely be what we’re hoping for.  But choosing to do nothing is a choice as well.  If we sit back and are careless about where we’re going, or too lazy to actually direct our lives, they will roll forward on their own.  Other people’s decisions will direct us one way or another, and instead of moving forward toward goals we want to achieve, we may drift one way, and then another, with no destination in mind.  The years will pass and if we continue, in time we may find ourselves somewhere we never imagined we’d end up.  But if we coast along, being blown here and there by things that happen and have no rudder to guide our ship, we have no direction.  It’s easy to coast along and let others make decisions for us, but that will never take us where we really want to go.

There are limitless ways to live our lives.  Some people are very active and ambitious, others are more laid back and easy going.  The versions and choices are endless.  But no matter what our personal styles are, it’s imperative that we live on purpose, aware of where we are, what we’re doing, and where we’re headed.  In our daily routines it’s easy to become complacent and just go through the motions.  Although every day is different, we pretty much know what to expect.  Unfortunately that can lead to laziness and a lack of initiative.   If we allow complacency to be the focus we will lose our direction. But our lives are ours to direct and we are the ones responsible for where they go.  If we want to own our futures, we have to be involved and actively engaged.  We are in control.  We can determine our direction, and we can succeed.

Today if you’ve been drifting along and taking a backseat in directing your life, pay attention.  This day will pass and where you go tomorrow is up to you.  Make the best decisions that will ensure you end up where you want to be.  You have everything you need to be happy.  Today, do what is needed to make sure you get there.

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