Walking a Tightrope

24 Nov

Our lives can sometimes get quite complicated. Perhaps our personal relationships are strained and we are unsure of how to go forward. Maybe our jobs have changed and expectations are now higher than we’re comfortable. Or perhaps our financial situation has shifted and made planning more difficult. When we’re in situations that are stressful and precarious, and we’re trying to figure out how to navigate them, it can feel like we’re walking on a tightrope. One quick turn the wrong way and we could fall. It’s unsettling when things aren’t stable or are more difficult than we feel we can tolerate. But tolerate them we must until they change. The wire may wobble as we try to move forward. We may feel unsettled or nervous, but with patience and care we can keep our balance, even if the ground is far below us. Instead of looking down and imagining the fall, we can keep our eyes trained ahead and take a step forward.

When we’re struggling to find our footing, it’s helpful to take things more slowly. If we take a little more time with our decisions and think about them a bit longer, we may be more successful. Running full speed is great when we’re on firm soil, but when we’re suspended in doubt and uncertainty, it’s helpful to go a little slower. Unless we’re facing a deadline of some sort, we may take as much time as we need to figure things out. The important thing isn’t how fast we find the answers, but to reach the right ones so we can gain a firmer foundation. Before we take a step in any direction we need to be sure there is enough rope to hold us. If there is, we can move forward. If not, we need to ponder the situation a little longer and find the answer that works. We can make excellent decisions if we give ourselves the time and consideration we need.

In order to move ahead when we’re in precarious situations it’s important to focus on the end goal. We need to visualize where we want to go and see it clearly in front of us. It’s impossible to navigate difficult situations effectively if we have no idea where we want to end up. Once we have our direction, we can plan our steps going forward. We may stumble, the ground might shake, and the wire may twist a little, but if we focus we can regain our balance and begin again. Slowly moving forward we can hang on through the fog and find our way. There isn’t anything we can’t figure out. Step by step, watching carefully, we can navigate even the most difficult of challenges and succeed.

Today if you’re in a complicated situation and you feel unsure, take your time. Stop for a moment to regroup and see where you need to go. Let yourself have time to think and you’ll find your way. There isn’t anything you can’t conquer. There is nothing you can’t do. See the destination before you and begin going forward. You’ll reach it at the right time and everything will be strong again.

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