16 Oct

Have you ever been in hurry to get somewhere and been stopped by a train?  Maybe you were stressed, running late, and then suddenly there was a train blocking your progress.  A train.  And not a short one either, but a train pulling 50 cars on it.  You couldn’t make it go faster, and you couldn’t cut in front of it, so you had to wait.  Maybe you sat there fuming, frustrated, and maddened that you had to sit when you had so much to get done.  But trains happen, and when they do, we have to wait.  When we’re in a hurry and are trying to catch up, having our progress stopped is discouraging, and can really knock the wind out of our sails.  It might be a train, but often it’s because of a decision someone else has made that prevents us from going forward.  When our hands are tied, and we have to wait, we could get upset or we could use the time more wisely.  We could take the extra time to think.

Thinking about what we’re doing is an excellent idea.  Some decisions pop into our heads with little thought or consideration.  Generally they are decisions without a significant consequence and mean little to our overall progression.  But for the decisions that impact our lives, our livelihoods, our families, or our futures, we need to think carefully before we act.  If we’ve made an important decision, and begin to implement it only to be stopped for reasons we can’t control, it’s a good time to re-evaluate what we’ve decided, and review our choices going forward.  Sometimes a second look brings clarification and a revised plan.  Sometimes the break changes our focus altogether.  The important thing is to use the time we’re stuck to ponder our way forward.  Instead of getting angry when we have to wait, we can look at it as a time out to reflect on our chosen path.

There are countless variables in every decision we make.  There is timing to be considered, the feelings of others, our personal comfort, and the destination we are seeking.  We sometimes make excellent decisions but they come at the wrong time in our lives and we have to rethink them.  Or we make what we believe is the best decision but once we begin going forward discover a lot of complications we hadn’t planned on.  Life is unpredictable, and no matter what we choose, there is a lot we can’t control.  We can’t control the choices of others, we can’t control unexpected developments, and usually, we can’t control trains.  Whether it’s a real train or a symbolic one, when they come into our lives, we have to wait.  We can make the wait count by using it to confirm our choices, and review our approach.  If we take the time and use it wisely, we may be surprised by what we find.

Today if you’re stuck and waiting because of something you can’t control, think about the path you’ve chosen and evaluate the decision again.  Is there a way to make it go more smoothly?  Is there something you can do that you didn’t see before?  Think about your next move and make it as productive as possible.  You’ve already determined what you want, and you are capable of making it happen.  Think clearly about your next step and when the time is right, take it.  You know where you’re going, and success is just around the corner.

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