Taking Time

4 Oct

We live in a hurry up world. No matter what we’re doing or where we’re going it seems everyone wants us to get something done quickly, or get somewhere in a hurry. We rush from task to task, sometimes barely taking time to think about what we’re doing. While we’re in such a hurry, sometimes before we finish the task we’re on, we’re already thinking about the next thing on the list we need to get done. Others expect a lot from us, and we push ourselves, and cut corners to make things go faster. It’s exhausting and at the end of the day we sometimes can’t remember exactly what we did until we pull our extensive lists out and take a look. This is not the best way to live our lives, but it is sometimes where we are. We get caught up in checking things off our list and don’t notice the day going by. But the day is surely going by, never to return. At midnight it will leave us. The days turn into weeks, which turn into months, which turn into years. And so it goes.

Although it’s important to be successful in getting things done that are important to us, sometimes we fill our days with tasks that don’t mean much in the long run. Menial chores that eat up our time, and distract us from our lives. We can find a better way to manage these things if we take some time to make a plan. Perhaps instead of running around every day trying to get a lot done, we could set some dedicated time aside one day a week to accomplish all the details that clutter up our lives. If we used that block of time only for accomplishing those tasks, don’t answer the phone, and don’t commit to anything else, we can free up the rest of the week for other things – like enjoying our lives. One thing is certain, there is plenty to fill our days and if we’re not careful, our tasks will control our lives. And when that happens we may feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and burned out.

Taking a moment to plan will help us make time for the things that are most important. Time for ourselves, time for our friends and family, and time for rest. Taking time for ourselves helps us stay on track, and adjust our course to get to the destination we want most. Without planning, our days may end up being busy without end. We spend a lot of time in outward activities, and when we’re busy running around we don’t pay attention to what’s going on inside us. But if we take time to regroup and check in, time to listen to how we feel, and what we need, we’ll be more effective and happier. We are the most important people in our lives. We need to acknowledge that importance, and take care of ourselves. We can be in control of our time, our choices, and our responsibilities. Nobody can manage our time better than we can. And when we’re effective in that management we’ll get more done, and we’ll feel more peace in our lives. Taking care of ourselves and our needs is our personal responsibility, and is the most important thing we will do each day.

Today if you’re overwhelmed with all you have to get done, if you’re running around and rushing, and feel stressed, stop for moment. Just stop. Take a breath and think about how you could manage your time more effectively. Make a plan and then work it. You’ll feel more in control, more relaxed, and a lot happier. This life is yours. You can live it any way you choose. Today choose to live it in a way that brings you peace and joy. You deserve all the best of everything. Plan for it, and arrange your time to get it.

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