12 Sep

Things go wrong in our lives and sometimes we get upset. We may be angry about some development or problem that has arisen and struggling to figure it out. When we’re going through the disappointment, and processing the problem, we can get confused when other complications arise. We may be overwhelmed, and frustrated, and feel bad. At that point, if someone comes to us over something small, we might forget our place, lose our temper, and blast them fervently. We displace the anger we’re feeling over the problem we’re facing, and dump it all over an innocent bystander. We’ve all done it and it’s embarrassing, and uncomfortable. We feel bad for making them a target, and need to apologize. It happens when we let our troubles, and not the solutions, become the focus. If all we can see is the problem we may feel there is no hope for success.

Everyone has problems and complications. It’s the nature of life. We go through them on a daily basis. Some are small and need little effort to navigate, and some are all encompassing, and heavy. When we’re going through a difficult time, it’s easy to lose our focus and forget that it’s not the end of the world, nor is it something we can’t face. The road through some issues is long, and arduous, and sometimes we get tired and afraid we may not be able to get through it. But there is nothing we will face that we cannot overcome. It’s often just a question of time and patience. We can’t force the answers to come, but if we try to relax and gain our perspective, we open the door to see them more clearly.

When we’re overwhelmed with an issue, sometimes it’s all we can think about. It consumes us day and night. We can’t sleep, we can’t eat, and we’re stuck. But we can handle it more effectively. We can recognize that the problem probably won’t kill us, although we may think we’re going to die. We can remember all the other times we’ve faced difficulty and managed to get through it. And we can have faith in ourselves. We will find the answer, no matter how obscure, no matter how long it takes, and no matter if it’s complicated. We will solve the problem and be successful. We can take it one step at a time, and minute by minute until we find the answer.

Today if you’re overwhelmed with something difficult, something that is consuming your thoughts, take a moment to breathe. There is nothing you can’t face. You have all the tools you need to solve this, whatever it is. You are strong and capable. You’re intelligent and able to find answers. This is just a moment and it will pass. You will be successful. And on the other side you’ll be wiser, and more confident. You’ve got this, and you will overcome it. Be strong. Keep moving forward. You’ll get there.

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