Interesting and Important

6 Jun

A very wise man once told me, “In our lives, some things are interesting, and other things are important.” A simple statement, but over the course of time I have pondered it again, and again. There are certainly a lot of interesting things in life. Our world is diverse, and there are new things to learn every single day. We have the continual opportunity to embrace new ideas, learn about different places, experience fun and interesting events, and do something new. There is more to see, and do than we could ever complete in one lifetime.

And there are things in our lives that are important. The most important things tend to be intangible. We may want to work on being more patient, show more compassion, be stronger in our convictions, help others more, be kinder – whatever they are, they are very important goals that deserve our attention. Because they are intangible, the reminders to do them can be illusive. There is no alarm clock going off to remind us to be kind today. It must come from within us.

Of course, there are important tangible things as well – the mundane chores that must be done so we can get along effectively, the attention to our families, our relationships, and our jobs, the maintenance issues we all deal with, and a thousand other things. All of these tangible things are important, and must be tended to.

It seems logical then, that our important tasks should take priority over other interesting endeavors. But, sometimes the interesting things take precedence. We get pulled away, we get distracted, and what is most important to us gets pushed back. After a while we realize we haven’t accomplished what we’d hoped. We got our necessary tasks done, but we were so busy with all the interesting things around us, we didn’t work on our personal goals at all. We were just too busy. It happens, and if we don’t plan carefully, it will happen regularly.

If we get carried away with the interesting things in our lives, and forget the important things we really want to accomplish, we may get lost. Living comfortably is often about order. If we can address what is most important to us first, and then move on to what is interesting afterward, we’ll probably be more comfortable. We’ll be more confident knowing that we accomplished what we wanted to do most. When we take care of the things that are most important to us, we have more peace in our lives.

Today, if you have something important that you really want to do, make it a priority. There will probably be interruptions, and something truly interesting and fun may come up. But finish the important task first, work on your personal goals, and make time for what means most to you. Plan your days this way, and you’ll have more control over your direction, and more fun in your pleasures. It’s all about order. Plan to succeed. Do your first things first. Then relax, confident that no matter what else comes today, you’ve accomplished what was most important.

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